Photographer Captures The Exact Moment Dogs Try To Catch A Treat

If you’ve ever tossed a treat to your dog, you know that they take trying to catch itvery seriously. Some are actually pretty talented at snatching a treat right out of the air, and others, well, not so much.

But whether you have a dog with laser treat-catching vision or one that just kind of lets the treat bonk them in the face and then eats it off the floor, their reactions are all singularly adorable and hilarious.

German photographerChristian Vieler knows just how adorable and hilarious, and he’s created a fantastic photo series documenting the lunges, aims, triumphs, and defeats of dogs faced with airborne kibble.

Think Olympic athlete photography, but…droolier.

Dogs have a unique, almost magical ability to make us smile simply by being themselves, which is probably one of the reasons why we love them so much. Even in the face of a natural disaster, one dog’schoice of a perch made a reporter burst out laughing.

Check out Vieler’s photos of dogs catching (or trying to catch) treats, and you’ll be sure to smile!

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Christain Vieler specializes in photographing dogs and their many expressions.

For this series, he would toss a treat and snap a photo as the dog tried to catch it midair. And the results were fantastic.

Some dogs were a little apprehensive about the sudden projectile hurtling towards them.

While others went all in with a clear “no fear” attitude.

There were the dogs who took a subtle approach.

And the ones who were a little more enthusiastic.

They also had different strategies for catching the treat. Some, like this pooch, came in from an angle.

While others went for the head-on approach.

Some were even opportunistic. Hey, when a treat comes flying at you, it’s every dog for themselves.

Some were naturals, nailing the catch with such accuracy that, it seems, they even surprised themselves.

Others…not so much.

But no matter their strategies or success, Vieler captured the one feeling that each and every dog had: excitement! Food-falling-from-the-sky levels of excitement!

And judging by their expressions, the dog had just as much fun as Vieler with this series.

Like, alot of fun.

Even if they were maybe a bit confused by the whole thing.

But when they hit the jackpot? Nothing but pure joy!

You can see more of Vieler’s dog photos on his website and on Facebook, too.

Is your dog good at catching treats? Tell us in the comments, or try this photo shoot at home and see what you come up with!

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16 Amazing Photos Of Hero Dogs From Americas Military That Will Touch Your Heart

Every member of any branch of our military is a hero. The sacrifices made by each and every member of the armed forces are so great that the rest of us can never fully understand.

However, it’s not just men and women who make these sacrifices. There are also the canine members of the military. These heroes do incredibly important jobs that save countless lives.

Just because they are animals doesn’t mean that they’re out of the line of fire, though. An enemy’s bombs will not discriminate when they explode. Many canine military members lose their lives while fighting for our country, and they deserve to be honored for their sacrifice.

The following 16 pictures are of military dogs from all sorts of branches, fromthe Air Force to the Army. Some of them were injured in the line of duty, and others served for more than a decade and retired with honor.

Don’t you think that the military dogs are heroes that deserve to be honored, too? Please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook, especially if you’re in a military family.



Not only are military dogs crucial to certain missions, but they offer moments of happiness like this one among many much more somber moments.



This little lab pup keeps a soldier company by hanging out in a backpack.



This spaniel even has honors.



ThroughoutBenjo’s career in the U.S. Air Force, he kept his fellow military men and women safe by locating all kinds of explosives. His work saved countless lives. Upon his retirement in 2009, one of the guards at his base adopted him, giving him the loving forever home he deserved.



Canine members of the military make manygreat sacrifices likehumans do.



When this soldier’s shepherd got too tired to walk, she carried him on her shoulder. That’s how strong the bond is between a military dog and the handler.



These dogs even jump out of planes wearing harnesses that keep them safe and attached to their handler. A civilian dog would not be brave or well-behaved enough to handle this.



Corporal Kiddy was on her way home after 12 years of service with the U.S. Marines. When the flight attendant made an announcement about her service, she hopped on a nearby lap to accept the applause.



It’s impossible for us to truly understand the intensity of this particular bond.



Dogs rescued from various war zones have been known to become a part of the group that saved them, sometimes even becomingsearch and rescue dogs.



The bond often remains long after the tour of duty is over. Handlers often adopt the dogs that stood by their side throughout their time in the military.



These working dogs may have incredibly important jobs, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t ready to cuddle at nap time.



They also sometimes make great alarm clocks.



Military dogs stand by their handlers and save their lives all the time. They are some of the most loyal members of the military.



These heroicdogs are crucial to the complicated operations that out military pulls off every day.



These animals are truly amazing creatures. They do some of the hardest jobs in the country, and they do them with great enthusiasm.

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This Is The Heartbreaking Reason Why Vets Don’t Want You To Buy Flat-Faced Dogs

I think we can all agree that pups like French bulldogs and pugs are cute. They’re lovable, friendly, funny, and quite a few vets out there really don’t want us to buy them.

That sounds harsh, but the reason why isn’t because they want to rob us of companionship. As it turns out, those precious, squishy faces we all know and love are doing pooches more harm than good.

Because of genetic bottlenecking (which we’ll get to in a second), purebred gene pools are teeming with defects and mutations that actually cause our four-legged friends pain. And you know where pain leads? Right to the vet’s office, which eventually sends dog owners on the fast track to financial strain.

For that reason, organizations like the British Veterinary Association fear the worst for breeds like English bulldogs, pugs, and Frenchies. Their respective genetic mutations could very well lead to a rise in abandonment due to financial burden.

But before we get into all that, let’s circle back around to the genetic bottleneck effect.

Here’s a fun fact about purebred dogs. The breeding phenomenon as we know it today didn’t really exist until about 100 years ago, and creepily enough, it developed alongside eugenics. Pretty telling, right? By artificially limiting canine gene pools and forcing dogs to meet arbitrary breed standards, humans went ahead and created a population bottleneck.

According to UCLA Professor Kirk E. Lohmueller, “As the same small gene pool is spread between more and more dogs, diseases that would normally be rare become inevitable.”

In the case of our flat-faced friends, this is what genetic restriction has done in the name of made-up breed standards.

We’ve turned them into what vets call “brachycephalic breeds,” which means that the vast majority of these dogs deal with respiratory and eyesight problems from a relatively young age. Speaking of age, such breeding has also cut their average lifespans alarmingly short.

Take English bulldogs, for example. These poor nuggets suffer from a multitude of issues that have genetics to blame. On average, they live about eight years (or 10 if they’re lucky).

The sad part is that we could take away their pain by expanding the gene pool. Unfortunately, most breeders won’t budge because they’re more worried about their flat-faced dogs meeting standards that never should’ve existed in the first place.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what these veterinarians have to say.

Let’s be clear about something. This isn’t the fault of dog owners, but of breeders. If you’re greeted every morning by a squishy face, love that squishy face with everything you have. Just keep this information in mind the next time you go to a breeder for a flat-faced dog. (Besides, there are plenty that need to be adopted!)

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Police Discover 407 Fighting Dogs In The Biggest Undercover Bust In History

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who would actually force dogs to fight each other, but unfortunately it seems there will always be bad people out there who will actually get entertainment out of torturing these beautiful animals.

Luckily, there are many more good people out there in the world, and after over a year of undercover work and secrecy, the police and several federal agencies teamed up with the amazing people at the Humane Society of Missouri to pull off the biggest dog fighting bust in the history of the united states.

Spanning five states and involving over 400 dogs seized, this amazing act of police work ended in the arrests of several horrible people who breed these beautiful animals for fighting.

The scene was gruesome and horrible to watch, but it’s so amazing to find out that over 60% of these animals werebrought back to health and were able to be rehabilitated so that one day they could be placed in a loving forever home!

The Humane Society used up a huge amount of their resources and time to give every single one of these dogs the attention they deserved to make the decision if they could be rehabilitated.

Thanks to this dog fighting bust, over five of the most prized dog fighting lineages have been taken out of the hands of people who covet fighting abilities and strength. Instead, these dogs are living it up in their new homes, and while their physical scars won’t heal, their souls are finally full!

Special thanks to the Humane Society of Missouri for this incredible video. Please like them on Facebook!

Warning: Some of the images shown in this video feature dogs with injuries. However, it should be noted that while we hate that they went through this pain, they were treated by some amazing people and are much better now!

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Everything Bagel Hot Dogs Combine 2 Classic Favorites In A Delicious New Way

The great thing about both bagels and hot dogs is their endless possibilities.

With hot dogs, you can pile on all sorts of toppings to fit your cravings, and bagels offer not only all kinds of spread and topping options, but the bagels themselves also come in all kinds of flavors. These are the perfect foods for people who like experimenting with combinations.

So it seems strange, when you put it that way, that no one’s combined bagels and hot dogs, doesn’t it?

Well, luckily for you, someone has. We’ve already seen bagels meet pizza in perfectly cheesy heaven, so why not another takeout favorite?

This recipe is actually quite simple, and combines the complex flavors of an everything bagel with the savory juiciness of a hot dog, plus all of your favorite toppings, of course.

And because it uses puff pastry rather than an actual bagel, it’s not as heavy on the starch.

The other great thing about them, especially if you love mixing and matching flavors, is that you can experiment with all kinds of fillings, toppings, and extras for a unique recipe that reflects you!

Check out the recipe and video below, and try making these yourself!

Cook: 12 minutes
Prep: 15 minutes
Serves 8

  • 1 pkg. puff pastry
  • 1 pkg. hot dogs
  • Your favorite hot dog toppings. We used ketchup, mustard, cheese, and onion, but use whatever you like!
  • 1 egg, whisked (for egg wash)
  • 2 Tbsp. poppy seeds
  • 2 Tbsp. onion flakes
  • 2 Tbsp. sesame seeds
  • 2 Tbsp. caraway seeds
  • 2 Tbsp. coarse sea salt
  • Slice your puff pastry into 3 inch wide strips horizontally, then in half vertically
  • At the bottom edge of one cut piece, layer your hot dog fillings.
  • Place a hot dog on top and roll everything together in the pastry.
  • Seal edges with egg wash.
  • Repeat for the rest of the hot dogs.
  • Place hot dogs on parchment lined baking sheet. Brush all over with egg wash.
  • Mix sesame, poppy, and caraway seeds with salt and onion flakes and sprinkle on top of washed hot dog rolls.
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Serve with dipping sauces or as is and enjoy!

Be sure to watch the video below and please SHARE if you love hot dogs and bagels!

Everything Bagel Dogs 15 minutes 12 minutes 27 minutes Serves 8×444.jpg 1 pkg. puff pastry 1 pkg. hot dogs Your favorite hot dog toppings. We used ketchup, mustard, cheese, and onion, but use whatever you like! 1 egg, whisked (for egg wash) 2 Tbsp. poppy seeds 2 Tbsp. onion flakes 2 Tbsp. sesame seeds 2 Tbsp. caraway seeds 2 Tbsp. coarse sea salt Slice your puff pastry into 3 inch wide strips horizontally, then in half vertically At the bottom edge of one cut piece, layer your hot dog fillings. Place a hot dog on top and roll everything together in the pastry. Seal edges with egg wash. Repeat for the rest of the hot dogs. Place hot dogs on parchment lined baking sheet. Brush all over with egg wash. Mix sesame, poppy, and caraway seeds with salt and onion flakes and sprinkle on top of washed hot dog rolls. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with dipping sauces or as is and enjoy!

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Vets warn people against buying ‘flat-faced’ dogs – BBC News

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Pet charities say breeds such as the British bulldog are being abandoned in greater numbers

Vets are warning would-be dog owners to think twice before buying breeds with fashionably “flat-faced” features – because of concerns over their welfare.

Pugs, bulldogs, French bulldogs, shih-tzus and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have become sought-after in the UK, despite wide-ranging health problems.

Their appeal is attributed to having “squashed” faces and wrinkled noses.

The British Veterinary Association said the surge in popularity of these dogs has “increased animal suffering”.

Sean Wensley, President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) said: “Prospective owners need to consider that these dogs can suffer from a range of health problems, from eye ulcers to severe breathing difficulties.”

“We strongly encourage people to choose a healthier breed or a crossbreed instead.”

Image copyright Thinkstock
Image caption Vets are carrying out more surgical procedures on dogs such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The warning has been echoed by the PDSA, the Royal Veterinary College, the RSPCA and the Kennel Club.

Meanwhile, evidence suggests that an increasing number of the dogs – more correctly known as brachycephalic or short-muzzled dogs – are being abandoned by their owners.


Six dog rescue companies told the BBC that the breeds were being given up in greater numbers.

Battersea Dogs Home and Bluecross Animal Rescue received a total of 314 “flat-faced” dogs in 2015, compared to 226 in 2014, an increase of 39%.

Both charities said they were carrying out more surgical procedures to clear the airways of the dogs they brought in – removing obstructive pieces of tissue and widening nostrils.

Steve Gosling, a vet at Battersea Dogs Home, said one of their dogs, Winston the bulldog, was a typical example.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Winston the bulldog, left by his owners at Battersea Dogs home, suffers from shortness of breath

He said: “He’s a lovely little chap, about eight years old. He was left with us by his owners and, like many dogs from this breed, he suffers from what we call Brachycephalic Obstructed Airways Syndrome.”

“In other words, because he has a really short nose that we’ve bred into him, he has quite serious breathing difficulties.”

Mr Gosling said the charity operates on dogs like Winston “quite regularly” because shortness of breath can be a very distressing condition.

He added: “And we don’t want to re-home animals knowing that we can improve their quality of life.”

‘Not normal’

A recent survey by the Royal Veterinary College suggests many owners of brachycephalic dogs are not aware of the common underlying health problems.

“Most owners – and some vets – think airway noise, and consequently reduced activity, is normal” says Caroline Reay, Chief Vet at Bluecross Animal Hospital in Merton, “so the problems are rarely discussed.”

“And I think the number of operations we are carrying out is really only the tip of the iceberg”.

The extremely broad head shape seen in in pugs and bulldogs is not a natural look. It developed as a result of intense, selective breeding.

Image copyright AP
Image caption Fashionable French bulldogs are among the UK’s growing breeds

It has led the RSPCA to call for an urgent review of the breed standards, which are decided by the Kennel Club, and specify how every type of dog should look.

Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club secretary, said: “The breed standards were set many years ago. If you look back through history there are some dire things that went on, and undoubtedly we would accept all responsibility for that.”

“But I would say that in the here-and-now, after all of the changes to the standards that were made in 2009, we would expect dogs to be far healthier if they are winning prizes at dogs shows.”

‘No concern’

Mrs Kisko said the problems with brachycephalic dogs were being perpetuated in the main by disreputable puppy farms.

She said: “If we continue to allow dogs to be brought in from central and eastern Europe where there is no concern for how these dogs are bred, it is inevitable that pet owners will end up with dogs they can’t deal with.”

“These are breeds which aren’t hugely suited to pet homes. If you want a pet that will run around and chase a ball and so on, don’t go out and buy any short-faced breed based on what celebrities are walking around with under their arm.”

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Often carried under the arms of celebrities, pugs are also prone to breathing problems

This summer the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) opened the UK’s first specialist clinic to address problems in flat-faced dogs.

Dr Dan O’Neil from the RVC said: “It is a very important area for animal welfare. Brachycephalic dogs seem to have substantial upper respiratory health problems.”

More than 12,000 vets and vet nurses have signed an online petition calling for a working party to address the increasing health problems in brachycephalic dogs and cats.

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New York craftsman creates giant bed for couple and their 8 dogs

This handcrafted, supersized bed has room for two humans and eight four-legged friends. (Courtesy Mariesa and Chris Hughes/Michael’s Custom Interiors)

Many dog lovers cant get a good night’s sleep without their prized pet by his or her side.

But for Mariesa and Chris Hughes of Clifton Park, New York– who run a dog rescue organization nighttime cuddling with their beloved animals posed a major challenge. The couple own eight rescue dogsmany of them seniors with mobility problemsand they wanted a bed big enough to comfortably fit the whole brood, which includes Mabel, Gremlin, Meatball, Tejas, Money, The Stig, Sam and Quinn.

The Hughes posted a help wanted ad on Thumbtackan online network that connects professionals to those in need of anything from carpet installation to wedding planning.

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More Guns and Dogs to Greet New Yorkers as Manhunt Continues

Bomb-sniffing dogs, teams of heavy-weapons officers and some transportation headaches will greet New Yorkers and visiting dignitaries Monday as the city searches for those responsible for planting the dumpster bomb that injured 29 people.

Police patrols a subway train.
Photographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

An increase of 1,000 New York state police officers and state troopers, more bag checks at subway stations and police presence at major crossroads are planned in response to the attack, state and city officials said Sunday. The explosion Saturday night was on West 23rd Street and not near a main hub like Wall Street, Times Square or Park Avenue, but the widespread response, coinciding with the start of the United Nations General Assembly, will be felt throughout the city.

We have no reason to believe at this time there is any further immediate threat, and will deploy the additional 1,000 officers at bus terminals, airports and subway stations just to err on the side of caution, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference Sunday. The citys new police commissioner, James ONeill, said commuters would encounter more bag checks and canines in the transit system.

You will see a very substantial NYPD presence this week, bigger than ever, Mayor Bill De Blasio said during a news conference at police headquarters Sunday. We would normally have an expanded presence for the General Assembly. You will see an even stronger presence now.

While silent on the New York bombing, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a stabbing in a Minnesota shopping mall Saturday night that injured nine before the assailant was killed by an off-duty police officer. The confluence of the attacks put terrorism back on the front burner for the presidential campaign, starting when Republican Donald Trump on Saturday night decried the “bombing” hours before officials confirmed an explosive device had been found.

Transit Impact

There were no scheduled changes in the arrival of dignitaries for the UN meeting, and major employers such as Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. hadnt issued advisories for anything out of the ordinary. Aside from the 29 people injured, and those who lived in New Yorks Chelsea neighborhood, it was largely business as usual for the city, which recently passed the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks with no major disruptions due to terrorism.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency that runs New Yorks transit systems along with the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North commuter train lines, said its systems and stations had no structural damage from the blast. Nor did the Port Authority of New York and New Jerseys PATH trains.

Still, the No. 1, E and F subway lines were bypassing stations around the bombing site on Sunday, and some subway entrances and exits on 23rd Street may remain closed, Cuomo said. New York City Transit had warned before the blast that there may be severe and significant delays on dozens of bus lines in and out of Manhattan this coming week due to security zones for the UN meeting. Four bus lines remained detoured on Sunday.

Parts of Chelsea, on the west side of Manhattan, were cordoned off and some residents had to show a utility bill to get back into their buildings.

Two Devices

The bomb, which went off on West 23rd street between Sixth and Seventh avenues around 8:30 p.m., sprayed shrapnel on bystanders and caused serious property damage. The explosive was similar in design to a second undetonated device found on 27th Street, and the the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still examining them, Cuomo said.

Investigators at the site of explosion.
Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

The undetonated device was described as a pressure cooker with wires sticking out of it and a mobile phone attached. A pipe bomb that exploded in Seaside, New Jersey, earlier Saturday, forcing the cancellation of a running race, appeared to be of a different design, Cuomo said. Evidence from all three devices is being taken to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, he said.

While theres no evidence linking the New York explosion to an international terrorist organization, any bombing in the city is generically a terrorist activity and will be prosecuted as such, Cuomo said. A joint task force including FBI and the the NYPD with more than 50 agencies involved is investigating.

Video Sought

The last time New York faced a terror attack — the May 1, 2010, attempted car bombing in Times Square — it took police two days to arrest Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old Pakistan-born resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who had become a U.S. citizen. Key to his arrest had been surveillance cameras that recorded his vehicle as he parked it at a curb near Broadway theaters.

That event, also on a Saturday night, put New York City Transit on high alert but didnt disrupt a UN conference on nuclear non-proliferation three days later.

ONeill, on his first day on the job Sunday following William Brattons retirement, said police are canvassing in the area of the blast for additional video to see who could have been walking down either street.

As to whether the city would take a new approach to the proliferation of dumpsters, ONeill said they are very much a fact of life for New Yorkers.

Unfortunately there is so much construction in New York City, there are going to be dumpsters all across the city,” he said.

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