13 dogs with jobs are further proof that humans owe a lot to this exceptional species.

We all know dogs are (hu)man’s best friend.

Our pets keep us company, take us on adventures, and teach us about unconditional love. In return, we give them food and shelter and train them to do silly things.

But service and working dogs take their relationship with humans a step further these pups are trained with skills that can save lives. Did you know that some dogs can detect allergens in your food? And get help in an emergency situation?

Here are 13 impressive things service and working dogs can be trained to do that help save lives:

1. Smell blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar levels change, the human body releases chemicals that dogs can smell. Diabetic-alert dogs are trained to smell when their partner’s blood sugar level is dangerously off and to let them know that action is needed to get those levels back in the safe zone.

Luke, a boy with Type 1 diabetes, has a diabetic-alert dog named Jedi,who alerted him to low glucose levels:

Good low Jedi. #diabeticalertdog

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2. Find a person buried in an avalanche.

If you’re ever caught in an avalanche, having a dog on the search-and-rescue team could drastically increase your chances of survival. An avalanche dog can search 2.5 acres in 30 minutes. (It would take a team of humans up to four hours to cover the same ground.) These skilled canines sniff the snow for a pool of human scent; when they find it, they alert their handler and start digging.

Keena the avalanche pup is training in Colorado:

SEARCH! #puppyintraining #avydog #drive #rocket #chickenhawk #imgoingtogetyou @ruffwear @avyinstitute @grandtargheeresort

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3. Alert you to the sound of a fire alarm.

Hearing dogs are trained to assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These pups alert their partners to a wide variety of sounds: a door knock, a spoken name, an alarm clock, a fire alarm, and more.

Like any service dog, hearing dogs require years of committed training to perform their tasks. But even these furballs like Sophie the collie/lab mix need a little down time!

4. Support someone who has PTSD.

A post-traumatic stress disorder service dog can detect early signs of anxiety then nudge, paw, lick, and generally distract their human from potential triggers in the environment, giving their partner a chance to regain control.

5. Detect changes in blood pressure.

When a person’s blood pressure or heartbeat changes rapidly, a cardiac-alert dog can warn the person of this danger. Without this signal, people with conditions like dysautonomia risk passing out (among many other complications) due to severe blood pressure changes.

Here, medical-alert dog Blaine cuddles with his handler:

Don’t know what I would do without him

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6. Get help in an emergency situation.

Many service dogs can be trained to summon help in an emergency situation, whether it’s finding another person to assist their human or using a special phone to call 911.

7. Protect people during seizures.

Some seizure dogs are trained to alert their handler before a seizure (similar to a cardiac-alert dog) while others respond a certain way during or after a seizure such as barking for help, moving away certain objects that could be dangerous, or protecting their human as they collapse.

This adorable mug belongs to Riley, a seizure-alert and response dog:

8. Deliver medical supplies to injured soldiers.

During World War I, “mercy dogs” were trained to search a battlefield for wounded soldiers. The dogs carried packs with medical supplies that soldiers could use to treat their own injuries. Some dogs were trained to retrieve a handler to assist the injured soldier.

Below, Lt. Col. Edwin H. Richardson poses with Red Cross war dogs during World War I:

9. Detect potential allergens in food.

Some people don’t like peanuts. Some people go into anaphylactic shock and risk serious health complications or even death if they touch peanuts.

For the latter, allergy detection dogs can be trained to sniff out allergens like peanuts, milk, soy, latex, or other substances. The pup can alert their human of the danger or even block the person from going near the allergen.

10. Support someone with autism.

Autism service dogs provide crucial companionship for their partners, and some are trained to alert and respond to certain triggers. For example, if a human has trouble with anxiety or sensory processing, their pup can provide calming comfort by lying on top of them a technique called “deep pressure therapy.”

Ultron, an autism service dog in training, helps his partner Axton navigate the world more confidently and independently:

They make a great team! #servicedog #autismservicedog #ateamforever #greatdaneservicedog #aboyandhisdog #skyzone #greatdane

A post shared by Journey of Ultron and Axton (@journeyofultronandaxton) on

11. Guide a person who is visually impaired.

Guide dogs are loyal pups who are trained to help those who are blind or visually impaired physically navigate the world. Humans have been training dogs for this purpose for centuries, and the practice of dogs helping guide people is actually so old that we’ll never really know how or when it began.

This little guide dog in training, Smudge, isn’t quite big enough for her harness yet:

12. Sniff out explosives.

Bomb-sniffing dogs alert their handler if they smell even a small amount of explosives. These dogs are common in the military, but they also save lives working with organizations like the United Nations Mine Action Service. UNMAS uses mine detection dogs to de-mine conflict-heavy places, including Colombia and Sudan.

13. Provide physical balance and support.

Brace and mobility service dogs help their humans physically get aroundby opening doors, picking things up off the ground, helping their partners up from a fall, providing counterbalancing or bracing while walking, and more.

Here you can clearly see service dog Kaline’s mobility harness:

People tend to talk about how fortunate dogs are to have devoted humans looking out for them. We spend years training them and thousands of dollars on food, vet visits, cute outfits (don’t deny it), and treats the list goes on.

But as lucky as dogs are to have us, we’re infinitely more lucky to have them sticking with us every step of the way.

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Decorative ‘cones of shame’ are helping dogs get adopted

For a few lucky dogs, the dreaded cone of shame is no more.

In its place is the Cone of Fame, a beautifully decorated cone courtesy of artist and animal center volunteer Erin Einbender.

Einbender began her Cones of Fame project to help dogs get adopted at Chicago’s One Tail at a Time, as well as to highlight the importance of spaying and neutering pets a cone-worthy procedure for furry friends.

After she and volunteers designed and crafted the stylish cones, she photographed adoptable pups at One Tail at a Time wearing them. For example, here’s Ellie wearing the “Bubblegum” model.

“Bubblegum” – Ellie – adopted!

A post shared by @conesoffame on


So far, Einbender’s effort have paid off all her initial dog models have since found new homes.

According to NBC Chicago, Einbender eventually wants to make another round of Cones of Fame and this time, she wants to get designers involved.

Cool with us. We could probably look at fashion cones forever.

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19 Pics That Prove Even the Biggest, Bravest Dogs Can Get Scared By the Little Things

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6 Fun Treats To Have This MDW That’ll Make You Forget About The Recalled Hot Dogs

If youre getting ready for your annual Memorial Day bbq, there are a few things you need toknow.

The three-day weekend celebration isnt complete without some grilling, but you have to be careful this year.

Were sorry to inform you, but the US Department of Agriculture said Nathans and Curtis brand hot dogs are contaminated with extraneous materials like metal which definitely doesnt go well with sauerkraut so make sure youre looking at the labels.


If you see the following information on thepackaging, toss thosebad boys right in the garbage.

  • 14 oz. sealed film packages containing Nathans SKINLESS 8 BEEF FRANKS, with a Use By date of Aug. 19, 2017.
  • 16 oz. sealed film packages containing Curtis BEEF MASTER Beef Franks, with a Use By date of June 15, 2017.

While its certainly a bit of a bummer that of hot dogs are being recalled seven days before MDW perhaps the worst time of the year dont get bummed.

You might have to think of replacements for your hot dogs, but let me assure you, there are plenty especially when it comes to desserts.There are manytreats that will bring you right out of that lack-of-hot-dog funk.

If you have a sweet tooth, try these babies.

Oreo just released a limited-edition flavor that is the perfect for the summer season Firework.

Who needs boring ol hot dogs when you have these?


Live a little by combiningbooze and dessert.

We know beer is a staple at any backyard bbq, especially during MDW.

Since dessert is as necessary as that Corona, combine the best of both worlds with Tipsy Scoops liquor-infused ice cream.

If youre not near the New York City flagship store, order your pint of boozy ice cream right here.

Tipsy Scoop

Make the cupcakes of everyones dreams.

While were on the booze theme, you should most definitely make cupcakes with Prosecco-flavored frosting.

The bubbly, tingly feeling goes well with the fireworks theme, in my opinion.

(OK, sold put it on the grocery list.)


While youre at it, get some blue Prosecco, too.

Red, white and blue are our MDW colors, after all. Youre just showing your American spirit.

Fratelli Saraceni

Channel your favorite place while munching.

Hersheys just announced the release of its limited-edition Flavors of America collection, and it features a twist on classic treats with a state-inspired theme.


Make your own Merbabe latte like The End in Brooklyn.

Summer is about the sea so get in the kitchen and create your own version of the Merbabe.

Amanda Fama

Pretty fun list, right? I am willing to be youre not missing those hot dogs now.

No need to thank me, its what Im here for. See you on the dessert line!

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