Woman Sees Dogs Sniffing At A Spot In The Grass, Then Realizes Its A Baby Flying Squirrel

In October 2016, a category four hurricane named Matthew was set to hit the South.

Katlyn Dence and her husband hunkered down in their house to prepare for the storm.

Although Katlyn and her husband live in Savannah, Georgia, the storm was still heading directly for them.

The government issued a mandatory evacuation, but because Katlyn’s husband is in the military, they were required to stay.

They got a lot of crazy weather with Hurricane Matthew, but when the storm passed, Katlyn finally let her dogs outside to run around.

As they were getting their energy out, one of the dogs started sniffing at something in the grass.

Katlyn noticed something moving, so she called her dog away from it and had her husband investigate.

What he found surprised all of them: a tiny 4-week-old Southern flying squirrel.

Dence, who is a veterinary technician, knew that the squirrel infant needed help, so she instantly brought him inside.

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Katlyn told The Dodo: “He was still a baby, and shouldn’t have been out of his nest, and his eyes had just opened like a week or two before that. He was wet and cold, so we brought him inside. We didn’t have any power, so we had to keep him warm with hand warmers.”


Katlyn wasn’t sure if the squirrel would survive because he was so small, but she wanted to do everything she could to help him.

Once she brought him into her home, she named him Acorn and tried her best to make him comfortable.


Acorn was so scared at first that he kept trying to bite Katlyn and get away, so Katlyn did her best to just keep him warm and safe.

Not only was Acorn terrified after being separated from his mom, he was also very weak.

Acorn eventually got more comfortable with Katlyn, so she started keeping him in her pocket.


Katlyn only had access to kitten milk during the storm, so that’s what she fed Acorn until stores opened back up.

With Katlyn’s help, Acorn started growing bigger and stronger.

She wants to eventually release him back into the wild, but she needs to make sure he can care for himself before she does that.


Acorn is 5 months old now, and Katlyn assumes she’ll keep him until he’s around 1 year old.

Katlyn keeps Acorn in a large cage meant for sugar gliders, but when she’s home, he has free range of her room.


Apparently he loves to cuddle, fly around, and scavenge for nuts.

Katlyn says that after he’s had a day of running around, it’s normal for her to find nuts stashed in her pillowcase and in Acorn’s little house.


Acorn and Katlyn are pretty inseparable now, which is downright adorable.

If you think all animals deserve to be rescued and loved,

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Beautiful German shepherd beats out over 2,000 dogs to win Westminster’s 2017 ‘Best in Show’

Rumor has it.
Image: Getty Images

Nearly 3,000 dogs traveled to New York City to compete in the Westminster Dog Show this past weekend, but only one could be Best in Show.

This year, the honor was given to Rumor, a 5-year-old female German shepherd.

The Best in Show Judge Thomas H. Bradley told CNN that German shepherds were all about quality and nobility when the prize was awarded last night.

“When you recognize it, it hits you home, and that’s what it really is. She is just magnificent,” Bradley said.

Rumor is named after Adele’s song “Rumor Has It,” according to CNN, which means Adele has so far been completely owning 2017.

The German shepherd won the herding group in order to compete for Best in Show. Here are the six other finalists who won their their category and also competed for the top prize.

Best Hound: Duffy, Norwegian elkhound

Best Toy: Chuckie, Pekingese

Best Non-Sporting: Aftin, miniature poodle

Best Sporting: Adrian, Irish setter

Best Working: Devlin, boxer

Best Terrier: Tanner, Norwich terrier

Congratulations to all of these very excellent doggos.

And special congratulations to the beautiful Rumor. Enjoy your time as the queen!

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Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much, And What Is Normal?

Your alarm starts ringing a split second after a cold wet nose presses against your cheek and an eager tongue licks your nose. Its time to get up!

You drag yourself out of bed to let the dog out and head for your shower. An hour later, when youve both eaten and youre dressed for work, your furry friend is snuggled in his bed and softly snoring. You sigh wistfully and head out the door.

Why is it that dogs sleep so much? You know you need six to eight hours a night and dont always get it, but how much should dogs sleep? It seems as if dogs sleep all the time, but is there a limit on how much sleep is too much sleep?

Actually, there are answers for this. Unless your dog has suddenly changed his sleep patterns, there is probably no cause for alarm.

How Many Hours A Day Should My Dog Sleep?


Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

The National Sleep Foundation says, and most experts agree, that dogs will generally sleep about 50 percent of the day, rest about 30 percent of the day, and be active the other 20 percent.

Puppies might spend a little more time sleeping because their bodies are busy growing, but when theyre awake they are usually more active than older dogs. A puppy could be very similar to the human toddler who objects to nap time, calling out Im not sleepy right up to the moment she passes out where shes playing! Puppies go at it with all the enthusiasm theyve got, playing, running, jumping, licking your face, right up until they just collapse in your lap, exhausted.

Older dogs may start to rest more because their bodies are not as strong as they once were, just like people. Experts estimate that adult dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours a day, older ones a little more, and puppies up to 18 or 20 hours.

Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much?


Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

One important thing to remember is that you are the center of your dogs universe. Dr. Jessica Potosky, doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM), says that dogs tend to sleep a large majority of the day unless they are stimulated by other things. I would say the biggest reason healthy dogs sleep is lack of other things to do. Most dogs would choose playing or doing an activity with their owner over sleeping.

Your dog probably conks out when you leave and comes to life when you enter the door. If you are playing or otherwise interacting with her, shes alert and ready for it, but if youre busy, she will likely rest or nap.

So if youre concerned that she sleeps too much, get her involved in a game. You know what she likes, and dogs are always up for something different as well. Dogs need games, socialization, and activities just like we do to enjoy life. Remember, you are your dogs whole world!

Is My Dog Really Sleeping All The Time?


Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Dogs arent always sleeping, either sometimes theyre just resting.

Dogs dont sleep like we do. Most of their daytime sleep is light sleep, and we can tell this by how quickly theyre wide awake and on the alert when there is the slightest unusual sound. Dogs are watchful, so they dont go into deep sleep all the time.

Even if theyre not watchdogs, dogs take their jobs of watching over their owners very seriously. They do this 24hours a day! Sounds exhausting to me. It may take them a while at night to totally relax and get into that deep sleep they need, just like we do, for their bodies to be rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the next day.

How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep?


Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

The best way to decide if your dog is getting too much sleep is to look at any changes in his sleep patterns. Does he usually play for a while after you get home each day, but now he just stays in his bed? Does he usually watch you cook and hope he gets to test the food for you, but now hes just not interested and prefers napping?

Has he stopped greeting you at the door when you come home?

When Does My Dog Need To See The Vet?


Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Dr. Potosky says: I would recommend taking your dog to the vet if she is exceedingly lethargic. Anything outside their normal behavior should be checked out. You are the best judge of what your dog does that is usual and normal and what is different. When you see changes that make you concerned, get her to her doctor!

It has been said that the dog is mans best friend. For many of us, we love our dogs like family, and whats going on with them is just as important as our own health. This is a reason to know about how and why they sleep.

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18 Then and Now Photos of Puppies/Dogs That Will Restore Your Faith in Everything

Kiersten Amber really summed it up best:

Dogs are the best everybody knows that! In fact, @tinatbh sums up this follow-up sentiment quite nicely:

Below you will find a gallery that is sure to put a smile on your face. If you’re still feeling glum by the end of this post, scroll to the top and go through them again 🙂

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Photographs via jimmybero


Photographs via Lerchasaurus


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Photographs via Irina Werning


Photographs via emmareddit


Photographs via Imgur


Photographs via Imgur


Photographs via justinmillerco


Photographs via The Eslinger Family


Photographs via Jennifer610


Photographs via The_Grim_Sleaper


Photographs via Cute Overload


Photographs via AlmaGordo


Photographs via wojtek9000


Photographs via BraveSirWobin


Photographs via Bored Panda


Photographs via FalconPunchh


Photographs via smiffy86

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Bus Driver Spots Dogs Shivering In A Storm, So He Breaks The Rules And Brings Them On Board

Even if you love thunderstorms, you probably don’t like getting stuck outside during a torrential downpour. Luckily, if a thunderstorm rolls in unexpectedly, we can duck into a store or restaurant and wait for the storm to pass.

Dogs are not quite as fortunate as humans, though, especially if they’re stray dogs who don’t have loving families. Stray animals have far fewer options when a storm begins: they can try to find cover near buildings or under items people have thrown out.

Sometimes, people notice the animals and take them in, like these police officers who saved a deer trapped in a thunderstorm, or this neighbor who rescued a dog stuck outside during a storm.

An enormous thunderstorm started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a bus driver noticed two stray dogs stuck outside.

Concerned for the shivering, fearful pooches, the bus driver pulled over, grabbed the dogs, and brought them on board.

Sounds like a great move, right? Well, it was but animals aren’t allowed on buses in Buenos Aires.

The driver knew that customers would take pictures of the dogs, but he knew he couldn’t just leave the dogs outside, so he broke the rules and went to get them.

What he didn’t know was that his caring action would inspire the bus riders.



Although he wasn’t supposed to let animals on board, the bus driver couldn’t just let these dogs stay out in the storm.

He pulled over, picked them up, and brought them onto the bus, where they could stay safe and dry.

As he expected, bus riders took photos of the dogs and shared the driver’s heroic actions online the posts spread all over the internet, with people everywhere impressed by the driver.


The driver was probably worried that he would face repercussions when his bosses found out what he’d done, but he decided that rescuing the dogs was worth it.

Tohis surprise, management commended him when they found out abouthis actions.


Although they’re strict about their “no animals” policy, they were supportive of the driver given the circumstances.

And who couldn’t be supportive? Just look at those dogs’ faces!


Even though the dogs look a little scared on the bus, it’s undoubtedly a better place for them than outside during the storm.


Many customers who were on the bus at the time took pictures of the pups and shared them online, askingif anyone wanted to take in the dogs.

With such sweet faces, we’re sure they were able to find homes at a shelter or with a loving family.


It’s so lucky for these sweet little pups that a caring bus driver found them and took them in.

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