If All Dogs Could Do This, Life As A Pet Parent Would Be Way Easier

As any woman who lives with men and boys will tell you, there’s nothing more infuriating than having to deal with boys who can’t aim and guys who leave the toilet seat up.

But after watching this four-legged friend masterfully use a urinal, I believe there’s no reason your husband, son, or boyfriend can’t improve his own bathroom etiquette.

In this hilarious clip circulating the Internet, a dog by the name of Jumpy chooses to go about his business in a public bathroom. The dog can be seen lifting his leg and relieving himself inside the urinal, completely mess-free.

And just when you thought Jumpy couldn’t be any more adorable, the pup stands up on his hind legs and proceeds to flush the toilet (yet another thing a majority of men fail to do, let’s be real).

Ladies I think it goes without saying, but just in case in wasn’t already abundantly clear, Jumpy would make a better boyfriend than roughly 99 percent of the male population.

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Disturbing Video Shows Cop Shooting Family’s Dogs In Fenced Backyard

A Minneapolis family is demanding answers after a police officer shot and injured their two dogs on Saturday while responding to a security alarm at their house.

Surveillance video that the familyshared on Facebookshows an officer walking into the homes fenced backyard when one of the dogs approaches, wagging its tail but with what appears to be bristled hair along its back.

The police officer involved in the shooting, whom the Minneapolis Police Department has not identified, can be seen taking several steps back with his gun pointed at the approaching dog. The dog pauses and then draws closer, tail wagging.

The officer then opens fire, causing the dog to fall on its back and scramble away. A second dog can be seen running toward the officer before he, too, is shot and sent scurrying.

He was wagging his tail,homeowner Jennifer LeMay told the Star Tribune. My dog wasnt even moving, lunging toward him or anything.

Surveillance images show a man identified as a Minneapolis police office shooting a dog that approached him in the backyard of a private residence. The man then exits by climbing the back fence.

LeMay said a friend was watching the familys two Staffordshire terriers, Ciroc and Rocko, when her two daughters, ages 18 and 13, came home early from a family camping trip and triggered the homes security alarm just before 9 p.m.

Within four minutes, Le May called the security company and the alarm was deactivated, she told the Star Tribune. But about 20 minutes later, she said, two police officers arrived and split up to investigate the property, with one staying at the front and the other going to the back.

LeMays 13-year-old daughter, Vanessa, said she was looking out of a bedroom window when she saw the officer shoot the dogs. LeMay said the dogs are emotional support animals for her two sons, who have anxiety.

All of a sudden, I see the dog come around the corner and then he started shooting the gun. He didnt even do anything, Vanessa told local station KARE.

The family invited the TV station to see the teens bloodstained bedroom, where Ciroc ran after being wounded,according to Vanessa.

Ciroc, a Staffordshire terrier, is recovering after being shot in his jaw on Saturday night.

After the shooting, the officers reportedly knocked on the front door and told the family not to call for medical help, because animal control was just minutes away. But help never arrived, LeMay told the Tribune.

The family eventually took the dogs to a vet that night. Ciroc had suffered a gunshot wound to his jaw, and Rocko had several gunshot wounds to his body. LeMay said she has already paid $900 for Cirocs medical care, but hell require additional surgery that will cost $5,000 to $7,000.

Both dogs are expected to recover, according to local CBS affiliate WCCO.

On Facebook, LeMay accused the officer of being trigger happy and shooting her fur babies without a valid reason.

These just arent family members, they make my kids days possible. They make it possible for my kids to function in their day-to-day life, LeMay told WCCO.

To help with the medical bills, LeMay shared a link on Facebook to a GoFundMe accountthat has raised$15,000 as of Monday afternoon.

In a statement addressing the shooting, the Minneapolis Police Department said it is investigating the incident.

Le May and her family did not immediately respond to HuffPosts request for comment on Monday.

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Amber Heard gets last laugh at politician who booted her dogs from Australia


Amber Heard is experiencing some government paperwork karma at the moment, and she seems to be enjoying it.

Back in 2016, an Australian court required Heard and then-husband Johnny Depp to release an apology video after the pair falsified paperwork to bring their dogs Pistol and Boo into the country. One politician in particular—deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce—was especially heated about the issue. In 2015, he threatened to have the dogs euthanized unless they were sent back to the U.S. The dogs were in violation Australia’s biosecurity laws, but it was an intense approach nonetheless.

Fast forward to 2017, and it’s Joyce’s turn in the hot seat after being outed as a citizen of New Zealand—something that’s illegal for a sitting member of parliament (according to Australia’s constitution). So if Australia’s supreme court rules against him, Joyce will be deemed ineligible to be a senator and spark a lot of potential havoc in the government. It would appear, in other words, that the shoe is truly on the other foot.

Heard seems to be enjoying the irony of it all. She tweeted about the case Monday evening.

“When @Barnaby_Joyce said ‘no one is above the law’ I didn’t realize he meant New Zealand law…” she quipped.

“I have sent him a box of New Zealand’s finest kiwi fruit (assuming this passes his biosecurity laws),” she continued.

And who knows? He might just need the sweet treats after this case is over.

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The Many Uses Of Service Dogs

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If Dogs Could Text This Is What A Conversation Would Look Like

If dogs could talk do you ever wonder what they would say?

If they could text it would be even better.

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Man brings his own cheese plate to football game, because hot dogs aren’t good enough

Sometimes you’re too fancy for a limp, overpriced hot dog.

Like this dude who brought his own cheese platter during an Australian rules football match between the Melbourne Demons and St Kilda Football Club on Sunday.

Look, we’re not going to lie, bringing your own cheese platter for instant consumption sounds like quite the idea. The occasion however, is a little questionable.

The platter features avocado, blocks of cheese (perhaps a blue?), cured meats and a baguette on a wooden board (!), according to a person claiming to be the man’s friend on Reddit. Ooh la la.

And of course, seems like people are into the idea. Well, some of them at least.

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Pug Dogs and Owners Attend PugFest In Manchester (14 Pictures)

This years PugFest festival, that celebrates pugs and pug cross breeds, was held on July 16th, 2017 at the MediaCityUk in Salford, Greater Manchester, northern England. The annual festival was a huge hit! On Sunday at the film-themed event on Sunday, which featured a red carpet where paparazzi snapped well-dressed pugs, a fancy dress competition and agility course, there was said to be around 4,000 people and over 1,000 pugs! 

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How dogs and drones are slashing rescue times in thewake of natural disaster.

An unlikely dynamic duo is changing the game for Swiss rescue operations needing to move quickly after natural disasters.

Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images.


Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images.

…and drones.

Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images.

The Swiss Federation of Civil Drones has partnered with the Swiss Association for Search and Rescue Dogs (REDOG) to complete a handful of missions — including one this week.

On Aug. 23, 2017, journalists at a press event were being shown how the dogs and drones work together during a rescue exercise on a grassy plain outside Zurich, when, incredibly, an actual landslide occurred in the Swiss Alps near the Italian border.

Drones and dogs were among the resources deployed to the region — a popular area for hikers.

As of this writing, eight people — from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland — were still missing following the landslide that rocked the remote village of Bondo, CNN reported.

The tragic event — which forced an estimated four million cubic meters of mud and rock plummeting down the side of the Piz Cengalo mountain in southeastern Switzerland, the BBC reported — illustrates how vital it is to have resources like trained dogs and drone technology at the organizations’ disposal.

Both organizations aim to eventually have drones complement the dogs’ work on every rescue event.

“This allows us to have an eye in the air and a nose on the ground,” REDOG president Romaine Kuonen told AFP.

In the wake of natural disasters, drones are particularly helpful at scanning areas unsafe for people (and dogs) to venture, such as the dangerous terrain surrounding cliffs. At the same time, dogs are especially handy at sniffing out those who need rescuing in heavily wooded areas, where operating drones can be difficult.

Allowing dogs and drones to, in a sense, divide and conquer larger areas in the precious hours following a natural disaster — where rescue teams are racing against the clock to save lives, as they did in the wake of the Swiss avalanche — is truly changing the game.

Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images.

“The main benefit is to gain more time, to be more efficient and to be faster to find the missing person,” Dominique Peter of the Swiss Federation of Civil Drones explained to AFP.

Stay up to speed on the news unfolding in Bondo, and learn more about Swiss efforts to combine dogs and drones to save lives in a video by AFP below:

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Good Samaritans in Houston haul 21 dogs to safety in a single boat

After Hurricane Harvey, a group of good Samaritans came to the rescue of dozens of good dogs.

Houston resident Betty Walter found herself stranded in floodwaters in the wake of the storm. She was also sheltering 21 dogs (some of which belonged to her neighbors) and wasn’t sure how they would all get to safety.

Luckily, the dog rescue crew came along. They loaded all 21 dogs on the boat — Walter walked alongside — and hauled everyone away.

“I was worried there was too many dogs on the boat and it would tipped [sic] over,” Walter wrote in a Facebook post. “I told them I would stay behind and for them to make 2 trips. They said NO we are taking all and you. We had 21 dogs on this boat.”

To get out, the humans had to slog through water higher than her head, she added.

Eventually, Walter and all 21 took shelter at a crew member’s house in nearby Kemah, Texas. At the time of writing, they were all doing fine.

WATCH: Smiling rescued donkey is so happy to be back on solid ground

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