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Awesome Photos of Dogs On Pool Raft Prove Theyre Enjoying Summer More Than We Are

ome dogs are afraid of water. You would think that would keep them away from pools in the dog days (SORRY I HAD TO!) of summer, but not necessarily.

Whether or not dogs can swim, they can always enjoy a raft, provided there’s someone keeping an eye on their safety and comfort.

If you think dogs on rafts might be the cutest thing ever…yup. It is. See below for confirmation.

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Celebrities in Jail! Too Much Skin! Dogs Having Diarrhea! Its This Weeks Highs and Lows!

hat a week! Was it the best week ever? No! But that doesnt mean there werent some wins and losses! Some Dubs and Ls! Lets all take a look at This Weeks Highs and Lows! Weeks like this make the world go round!

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To Beat NYCs Subway Ban On Dogs, Owners Got REALLY Creative

If you’ve ever been in New York City at rush hour or frankly, at any other point in time you know the subways can be less than stellar places to be stuck for hours.

There are often delays, AC that decides to stop working, people begging for money or peeing in the corner long story short, it can make for an unpleasant commute.

And because the good people of the MTA subway hate happiness, they’ve gone ahead and banned dogs now, too. Technically the rule states:”No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.”

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19 Pics That Prove Even the Biggest, Bravest Dogs Can Get Scared By the Little Things

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If Youre a Fan of Big Dogs, Get Familiar With These 18 GIANT (and Cute) Breeds

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These Dogs Look EXACTLY Like Humans and We Dont Know How To Feel About It

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