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Say hi to these good cats and dogs who just got their summer haircuts

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are rising, the sun is spending a little more time outside, and pets everywhere are making the world more glamorous with their summer haircuts.

Now, not all pets need a summer cut. Many shed naturally in the summer anyway, and a multi-layered coat often serves as insulation to help them stay cool. But in some cases, a trim helps with the added bonus of being extremely cute.


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Decided to take a few extra inches off today #freshdoodsdo yea or nay!?

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Please stay tuned for more.

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These shelter dogs and cats had the best Christmas ever

Christmas is a hard time for so many creatures, hoomins and non-hoomins alike.

These shelter dogs from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa had the time of their lives, however, when staff members allowed them to select a special Christmas toy from underneath the shelter’s Tree of Life.” The shelter sets up the tree every year to help benefit the animals.

While some of the animals in the video have been adopted, others are still looking for homes.

Here’s to 2017.

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Animal shelter celebrates adopting all their dogs in heartwarming video

One Colorado animal shelter has a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

For two days in a row, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region adopted all of their available dogs.

The group was able to achieve the heartwarming success with their #HomeForTheHolidays promotion, helping them adopt over 25 dogs and 23 cats.

The non-profit shared the news through a triumphant video on their Facebook page, accompanied with the proud message, “What happens when your last available dog gets adopted? Your staff and volunteers jump into the kennels to celebrate!”

The shelter already has new animals in need of homes, and asks that people, “keep those adoptions coming!”

You can adopt, or sponsor an animal’s stay at “Hotel HSPPR” here.

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