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Where 120 people failed, delicious sausages succeeded in reuniting lost dogs

Miniature schnauzers Charlie and Theo were lost for four days in Cumbria, England until the smell of sizzling sausages brought them back, Caters reports.

Image: Jim Davis/Caters News

Liz and Graham Hampson were distressed when their fuzzy furbabies went missing on June 16, so they went all out to get their pups back.

The couple’s rescue campaign involved friends, family, mountain rescue teams, and even two drones. Overall, more than 120 people helped in the endeavor.

Over 90 hours later, the dogs still weren’t found. So the family “decided to barbecue some sausages near the spot where they vanished and shouted the dogs names.”

Image: Jim Davis/Caters News

The sausage campaign was successful. Charlie and Theo soon came running through the trees, happily reunited with their family. And also the sausages.

Glad these dogs were able to meat again.

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Beautiful German shepherd beats out over 2,000 dogs to win Westminster’s 2017 ‘Best in Show’

Rumor has it.
Image: Getty Images

Nearly 3,000 dogs traveled to New York City to compete in the Westminster Dog Show this past weekend, but only one could be Best in Show.

This year, the honor was given to Rumor, a 5-year-old female German shepherd.

The Best in Show Judge Thomas H. Bradley told CNN that German shepherds were all about quality and nobility when the prize was awarded last night.

“When you recognize it, it hits you home, and that’s what it really is. She is just magnificent,” Bradley said.

Rumor is named after Adele’s song “Rumor Has It,” according to CNN, which means Adele has so far been completely owning 2017.

The German shepherd won the herding group in order to compete for Best in Show. Here are the six other finalists who won their their category and also competed for the top prize.

Best Hound: Duffy, Norwegian elkhound

Best Toy: Chuckie, Pekingese

Best Non-Sporting: Aftin, miniature poodle

Best Sporting: Adrian, Irish setter

Best Working: Devlin, boxer

Best Terrier: Tanner, Norwich terrier

Congratulations to all of these very excellent doggos.

And special congratulations to the beautiful Rumor. Enjoy your time as the queen!

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20 cute dogs who just want to vote for the next president

In the United States, everyone over the age of 18 has the right to vote in the presidential election.

But if we’re talking dog years, all puppies above the age of 2.5 should be doing their part for their nation and heading to the polls, too.

While we can’t confirm whether or not these doggies actually voted when they hit the polls today, we can confirm that they are very cute.

Here just 20 dogs that made it to the polling stations today and couldn’t resist sharing an “I Voted” selfie, just like you.

#geauxvote #dogsatpollingstations #nolavotes #electionday

A photo posted by Bruno (@brunodiaries) on

Ok ok I guess I’ll post a picture of the sticker too… #dogsatpollingstations

A photo posted by coronadee (@coronadee) on

We did our civic duty and voted #ivoted #pollingstationdogs #dogsatpollingstations

A photo posted by Lydia Middaugh (@lydiadeneez) on

We voted! #dogsatpollingstations #dogsofinstgram #poodlesofinstagram #barkthevote #election2016

A photo posted by Jeanmarie Evelly (@jeanmarieevelly) on

I voted! (photo by @missivygram)

A photo posted by Luna (@lunasjourneys) on

Petey is pro-democracy. #dogsatpollingstations #pitbullsofinstagram #dogs #adoptdontshop #fosterdog #politics #democracy

A photo posted by Cydne Washington (@superkitty111) on

Here’s hoping #dogsatpollingstations is the only brexity bit of the day! #imwithher #reggieistoo #vote

A photo posted by Lauren Hefferon (@laurenehefferon) on


A photo posted by Tiga (@nyc_tiga) on

Dogs make everything better. #DogsAtPollingStations

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Maternity photoshoots are significantly cuter when they star pregnant dogs

As of Tuesday, Chanel and LeeRoy are now the proud parents of a new litter of puppies.

But just a few days before, the pair celebrated their last few days of freedom with a maternity photoshoot far superior to any human’s.

Image: amy rients

LeeRoy’s owner Amy Rients tells Mashable that the happy couple found one another through a mutual friend.

“Our dogs kind of got match made by our dog groomer,” she says. “She’s actually my very best friend, and she knew we were kind of, not looking actively, but we had not neutered our dog just in case we wanted to breed him. When she ran across Chanel, she gave [Sorensen] our phone number.”

A few days before the due date, Rients brought LeeRoy to Chanel’s owner Kennedy Sorensen’s farm to stage the shoot. When Sorensen shared the finished product on Twitter, their story blew up. The tweet itself garnered more than 37,000 likes and 22,000 retweets.

Sorensen tells Mashable that the puppies are in good health, adding, “Chanel is an amazing mother!”







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Shirtless servicemen posing with rescue dogs is your dream 2017 calendar

The 2017 edition of Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs has all the elements of a perfect calendar: Dogs in need of forever homes posing with servicemen who just happen to be completely ripped. It’s the female gaze put to a good cause.

Shirtless dudes + rescue dogs is a proven formula for Ricki Beason, the Texas photographer behind Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs. She told Mashable via phone that the calendar’s 2016 edition featuring military veterans raised about $30,000 for rescue shelters.

“When you pair a rescue dog with a really handsome shirtless guy, people tend to take notice,” she joked.

This year’s calendar features firefighters, police officers and military vets, plus six rescue dogs. Each pup comes from one of the six shelters Beason selected to benefit from the 2017 edition.

Beason is a physical therapist by trade, but took up photography in 2014. At the time, her own adopted dog inspired her to pick up a camera and find a way to benefit the rescue community. Her initiative to photograph rural rescue dogs in need of exposure later inspired her first calendar, a 2015 edition featuring firefighters.

Two years later, the latest edition is available for order with all proceeds set to benefit shelters in Houston, Austin and Dallas.

“Having two rescue dogs myself, I know how much love they can offer you,” Beason said. “I just want people to see them for just how great they are. They deserve a chance in a loving home, they deserve to find love, they deserve to be someone’s most loved pet.”

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Guy immediately shut down against Twitter account that rates adorable dogs

Image: Ilka & Franz, getty images

All dogs are good dogs, and that’s what the Twitter account WeRateDogs is all about.

Unfortunately, some Twitter trolls like one named Brant (Brint? Brent? Bront?) couldn’t seem to understand. Brant tweeted at WeRateDogs to air some grievances against the account’s seemingly lenient standards.

Brant particularly took issue with the account rating every dog as a 10, or even a 11 or 12 out of 10. Quite the paradox.

WeRateDogs fired back with some infallible logic:

But Brant was not satisfied.

Brant challenged the dog-rating account to show some 3s or even 5 or 6-rated dogs on the account.

Of course, he was quickly refuted. Because at WeRateDogs, a 3 or 5 does not exist. Every dog is a superior dog.

Looks like Brant will have to find his own dog-rating system. We think he’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one.

Never be the guy who argues against cute dogs.

BONUS: Here are some corgi butts in slow motion.

Happy Monday! Here are some #corgi butts in slow motion.

A video posted by Mashable Watercooler (@watercooler) on

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