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Under-Dogs: I Photograph Dogs From Underneath

I am presenting the Under-dogs project.

Under-cats, Under-rabbits and Under-horse projects are the projects that had been published before. Pets photographed from the underneath on a black background somehow have become my signature artwork.

This time it is dog lovers’ turn! The actual project was photographed a year ago. However, we were patiently waiting until now as we wanted to present the results along with the publication of Under-dogs book.

This project is most comparable with the Under-Cats. Cats were very cute but dogs are more playful. Dogs are more obedient which helps us to create more interesting shots. While some dogs were playful on the ground they have completely changed on the glass and stood still like a rock. Others weren’t afraid of standing above which was easy and fun to work with. I learned two main things from these photo shoots. First, cats think they are gods, since people feed, love and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love and give them homes. Probably you had to read that twice.

For the Under-dogs project I have designed a specially manufactured glass table in order to photograph bigger dogs. After capturing Under-dogs, I decided to go full-time on the following projects of Underlook. In our future plans – Tigers.

Today I am also presenting a release of my second book with dogs. Books can be bought on Amazon and it is shipped worldwide. You can also see a backstage video on my Youtube channel.

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Dogs Vs Fans

I’m an Ontario-based animal photographer Illona Haus of scruffy dog photography. BLOW is the unique and sometimes hilarious photo series. This artistic series explores the fun and captivating ways in which dogs interact with the wind generated by an antique fan.

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As a busy pet-exclusive photographer, working with private and commercial clients globally, this project has been three years in the making. The idea was sparked after seeing my own dog, Merrick’s, beautiful coat blowing in the wind of a fan one hot summer day. I spent months searching for the perfect fan, then gave it a fresh paint job, and began the process securing the absolute best models.

It was important to me that this project be creative and artistic, and that each dog’s photo session with the fan be unique. It had to be more than simply walking each dog up to a full-speed fan and photographing their blowing hair. I was after ‘engagement’ and individual personality… exploring how each dog was reacting to and engaging with the blowing air, and also how their hair was affected by the wind.

I hope you’ll enjoy the variety of faces and characters, as well as their individual engagements with the blowing fan. What follows is merely a sampling of the amazing models who worked with me on this project.

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Fashion Photographer Helps Abandoned Dogs Find Forever Homes

Fashion and portrait photographer Richard Phibbs believes photographs can change, inspire, and motivate. Since 2012, Phibbs has donated his services to the Humane Society of New York to create portraits of dogs up for adoption to help find them “forever homes”. The best of his photographs are featured in a new publication, “Rescue Me” (Aperture, 2016), along with the story of each dog on its journey from often shocking circumstances of abandonment and rejection, through rescue and the joy experienced in the new homes these pictures helped them find.

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Phibbs’ photographs are far more than dog portraits; they are heartwarming stories for animal lovers all over the world.

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My Dogs And I Found A Place Full Of Pumpkins And Decided To Have Some Fun!

For Halloween this year I decided to make something special! I’ve never done special Halloween special session before so… I’ve decided to make a photo shoot of red dogs in pumpkins!

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Perfect models for this session were Lucky, red border collie and beagle Muza. It took us many hours to reach a place full of pumpkins. And I hope it was worth it!

Lucky dreaming among pumpkins

Lucky with his Jack-o’-Lantern

Lucky in pumpkins

The bad pumpkin!

Lucky as one of the pumpkins! Special red and white one!

We realised that Lucky looks as he was born in those pumpkins! Pawfect model!

Lucky and Muza in their pumpkin kingdom

With her friend, spooky pumpkin

Lucky looks like he was born in pumpkins!

Lucky as a very special pumpkin!

Muza is a really cute pumpkin-queen

Just look at her

Very dreamy

Perfect camouflage!

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