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Google Photos can now recognize the lovable faces of your cats and dogs

I wish this was one of the approximately 8,000 dog photos on my phone.
Image: Ruud Lauritsen/Kennel Club/REX/Shutterstock

Google knows that your phone holds untold gigabytes of snapshots of your favorite animal friends. So the search giant is making it even easier to group those pics all together.

The algorithm behind Google Photos will now be able to recognize your Very Good dogs and cats automatically, and will group the reams of photos you’ve taken of them just like it does with pics of people. Google announced the new functionality in a blog post, which is alone worth a read for the sheer number of paw puns pulled off in five short paragraphs. 

You’ll also be able to assign a label to each grouping of pet photos, so when you’re in need of an Instagram-worthy pupper shot, you can just search your photos by your dog’s name. 

Image: google

Google claims you’ll be able search your photos by breed, too, but the company acknowledged to BuzzFeed that the algorithm could have trouble differentiating between multiple animals within that parameter. You’ll also be able to search using 🐶  and 🐱 emoji through all of your animal images, whether they’re actually your own, or just the funny cat pics you download from the internet.  

The new search and organization features are only available for dogs and cats, though. If you love your horse or iguana or massive rideable python, you’re sadly out of luck. You’ll have to organize those pics yourself.       

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The rich dogs of Instagram: How popular pups earn big money on social media

Image: jon huang/tracy wong/katie sturino/mashable

Manny has achieved a lot for a six year old.

He’s a philanthropist and social media influencer with more than a million followers on Instagram, including Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. He’s appeared on Good Morning America and had his own booth at a music festival. He has numerous licensing and sponsorship deals with brands like Turtle Wax and Dremel.

Oh, and he’s a French bulldog.

Manny the Frenchie, as he’s known on Instagram, is not alone. He’s part of a growing breed of pet influencers that include other pedigree personalities like shih tzu Potato McTater and Cavalier King Charles spaniel Toast Meets World — they’re pictured above, doing their adorable thing.

Each of these doggos have achieved fame thanks to a distinctive personality trait.

Take Chloe the mini Frenchie, who is about half the size of a typical French bulldog. Her petite stature garnered her thousands of adoring fans, and eventually led to sponsorship deals in beauty and fashion. 

night night from an extra mini chlo nugget 🐣 #fbf

A post shared by Chloe The Mini Frenchie (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

Inspired by Chloe, her owner, Loni Edwards, has founded The Dog Agency — an agency that manages internet-famous pets. 

Potato’s famous costumes, meanwhile, included Hillary Clinton for Halloween, and have helped earn him notoriety. He has since appeared on the Today Show

Toast, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel rescued from a puppy mill, had to have all of her rotted teeth removed. This caused her tongue to flop out of her mouth, and the internet to fall in love with her.

my plan for the weekend…#carbs #FBF 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

A post shared by TOAST MEETS WORLD™ (@toastmeetsworld) on

Her ensuing fame has led to a book deal, merchandise, sponsorships, and even a fashion campaign. While her following largely grew organically without the help of management, she is now managed by Edwards’ Dog Agency. 

“I have a background in PR, and I started sending out pictures of her in little outfits to different magazines, and it took off,” said Toast’s owner, Katie Sturino. “It became a really fun, cool thing.”

Manny got the internet’s attention with his sink naps. 

Long weekend calls for long sink nap! 💤

A post shared by Manny The Frenchie (@manny_the_frenchie) on

“That’s really what started to go viral,” said Manny’s owner, Jon Huang. “From there, celebrities started following up with him, giving him shout-outs. He got followed by the cast members from Glee, and then local media started picking him up.”

The corporate sponsorships

The money pet influencers can make from sponsorships varies based on follower count, but it can be a cash cow. Pets with a comparable number of followers to Manny can make anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 per sponsored post, according to Edwards.

“Of course there’s many variables that go into it — the rates pets can make per post depend on the following, the engagement, and what’s involved in the campaign,” Edwards said. “But generally those with a couple hundred thousand followers are making $3,000 to $5,000 per piece of sponsored content, while those in the millions make $10,000 to $15,000.”

Those figures are comparable to human rates; Forbes reported in April that an influencer with 100,000 followers can expect around $5,000 per post.

Hey girl, I know frenchies fart alot, but don’t worry I got us covered! 💨😉 . . @turtlewax #turtlewax #promoted #Shinesquad

A post shared by Manny The Frenchie (@manny_the_frenchie) on

While one might reasonably expect these pet influencers to promote products for animals, that’s not usually the case. Toast is best known as a fashion model; she did the entire look-book for Karen Walker’s Spring 2015 eyewear campaign and, as a result, was featured on posters all around the world. 

Though it might seem odd that a fashion brand would choose a dog to model its new merchandise, Edwards said it actually makes good sense.

“A lot of the brands we work with are human brands as opposed to pet brands,” she said of her agency. “Brands are seeing the value that pet influencers are providing; they have higher engagement levels, they’re relatable across all demographics, and they offer all the traditional benefits of influencer marketing.”

Modeling hasn’t been Toast’s only foray into the human world. She also has brand deals with Stainmaster, Febreze, and Swiffer. Chloe also has her own distinct Instagram persona, focussing on topics that might not seem typical for an animal.

“Travel, fashion, and food,” Edwards said. “Chloe’s content tends to revolve around those themes, and the brands she partners with are based on those themes as well.”

photoshoot ready thanks to @UrbanDecayCosmetics 💄💁🏼 #UrbanDecay is cruelty-free & doesn’t test on animals. how could anyone? #ad

A post shared by Chloe The Mini Frenchie (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

Manny, unlike other famous pets with such large followings, is managed by his owner Huang.

“We try to partner exclusively and strategically with partners who are organic to us, and who kind of share our mission,” Huang said. Manny’s partners are based in both the human and pet worlds, and range from Halo organic pet food to power tool brand Dremel, which makes a special nail filing attachment.

“We take all of Manny’s photos,” Huang said, explaining how the process works. “We write all the captions for the organic posts. If it’s campaign related, we write them in Manny’s voice and if the partner wants to change or edit, then they can choose to.”

Corporate partnerships and appearances aren’t the only ways these pets make money. Toast and Manny both have book deals and merchandise available in their online stores. Manny even did a campaign with American Apparel — his first partnership. 


Of course, it’s not all take, take, take. The humans behind the Insta pets generally use the social media platforms to give back where possible. 

“Manny is known as the most philanthropic pet celebrity in the world,”Huang says. It’s a grand claim, but he insists that they’ve donated some $105,000 to various charitable causes. The proceeds from Manny’s merchandise go to animal rescue organizations and the pair purchased a new van for an animal shelter. Manny also visited a cystic fibrosis patient whose only wish was apparently to meet the dog.

Huang plans to launch Manny’s non-profit foundation before the end of the year, which will benefit whatever causes “touch [his] heart.”

“We visit a lot of retirement homes; Manny’s training to visit kids now.”

“We visit a lot of retirement homes; Manny’s training to visit kids now,” Huang continued. “We want to work with kids with disabilities and fighting cancer. We want to cheer them up with Manny.” 

According to Chloe’s website, she has used her celebrity to raise money for the Humane Society of NY, mostly through fashion-based collaborations.

“[Chloe] recently collaborated with luxury scarf line Donni Charm to create dog scarves, as well as worked with a factory in NYC to create Pawtty Bags, essentially little dog purses to hold poop bags,” her website states. All proceeds went to the Humane Society. 

For Sturino, the most important use of Toast’s platform is encouraging dog adoption. She began the account not to seek fame, but because she felt more people needed to be aware of rescue dogs like Toast. 

“She just had a very special energy — she just did,” Sturino said. “People were always very drawn to her.”

In addition to monetary donations to the humane society, she frequently uses Toast’s account to advocate for the removal of pet stores from New York City. 

The future for Insta-pups

The Instagram pet community has ballooned in recent years, with newer pet owners seeing the mass appeal enjoyed by famous animals. 

“I think that there was a first wave of Instagram famous dogs,” Sturino said. “And now that world has bloated so much.”

Take Potato, whose owner Tracy Wong started his account after following San Francisco’s Daily Dougie. “I became obsessed [with Dougie],” Wong said. “I said, ‘When I have a dog, he’s totally gonna be Instagram famous.’ It started as a joke, and it was just me following other dogs on Instagram and getting a lot of joy out of that; we never thought it would escalate to the point it’s at now.” 

Draw me like one of your #FrenchFries 🍟 Happy #NationalFrenchFryDay! What’s your favorite way to eat #Fries? 😉 #CurlyFries #Ketchup #Mayo 😍

A post shared by 👻🐤Potato_McTater | Shih Tzu (@potato_mctater) on

Much like any niche community, Wong said, there’s always a bit of drama. Sturino agreed. “It’s like the Toddlers and Tiaras of dogs,” she joked. 

The issues stem from owners of rescue dogs versus those of dogs who were bought from a store or breeder. “A lot of store bought dogs on Instagram hide a little behind dog rescue, acting like they didn’t buy a dog,” Sturino said.

The ASPCA works closely with a lot of these canine celebs. “Instagram pet celebrities have a large influence on their fans, which is why the ASPCA often collaborates with them to spread awareness about key animal welfare issues including the importance of pet adoption, how to end puppy mills, and the cruelty of dog fighting, said Olivia Melikhov, ASPCA director of social media strategy.

Lil Bub, for example, does a great job raising awareness about special needs pets, while Marnie the Dog helps raise visibility about the value of senior pet adoption. So while simply being famous on Instagram is a celebration of pets in general, we feel the true potential impact of these wonderful animals is their ability to advocate for fellow dogs and cats in need and at risk.”

All of the owners said their pets’ fans made running the accounts a fulfilling experience. 

“Potato’s fans are the sweetest people in the world,” Wong said. “You see this goofy-looking, fluffy dog — just his existence makes us happy. It’s cool we get to share that with everyone else.”

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Former Colombian Model Has a New Career And It’s Fitness For Dogs

It brings joy to us knowing that our pets are healthy and active. But sometime, we ourselves don’t have time to make that possible. Luckily, someone thought of the perfect way in which dogs can get the active lifestyle they need. Former Colombian model Gustavo Montagut came to Sydney seeking adventure, and he is taking plenty of four-legged friends along for the ride. 

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    When Montagut came to Sydney he realized something very early on. Sydney was a place obsessed with dogs, just like him! So he decided to combine his passions of fitness and healthy living and his love of dogs and the outdoors. And that is how Fitness Dogs came to be!

    Fitness Dogs provides real dog adventure, which Montagut calls DogXperiences. This includes DogAdventures, a 45-minute cardio session jogging, hiking or swimming in parklands and dog-friendly beaches across Sydney from the eastern suburbs to the north shore.

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    “We don’t only walk dogs, we take them on adventures,” Montagut says. “DogAdventures is a group of experiences tailored to your dog’s needs. Some of the journeys include hiking in NSW national parks, going for a jog with our trainers, or taking a dip at some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches.”

    This is perfect for keeping active and letting him participate is such adventures that sometimes an owner just can’t.

    “The aim is not just to keep your dog in shape but to create different experiences for them,” Montagut says.

  • Via: Fitness Dogs

    DogAdventures targets energetic dogs that love new experiences in the great outdoors, and it is also a place where they socialize with other dogs! So this also builds their social skills! Montagut surprisingly started Fitness Dogs only 10 months ago! We know, that’s insanse. He started it after realizing just how many dogs were out and about in Sydney looking for a bit of adventure.

    It’s a pretty known fact that all dogs need a physical outlet, to expend energy and maintain good physical and mental health. Luckily they have DogAdventures that has more mainstream training programs available as well as the intense outdoors ones.

     Something for each dog!

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10 Slow Motion Dogs To Get You Through This Monday!

Having a busy morning? Slow it down with these dogs and just laugh!

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What Does Your Dogs Sleeping Position Say About Him?

Adorable secrets revealed. 

Via: little things

  • 1

    The ‘Side Sleeper” position

    Via: Little Things

    If your pooch tends to sleep on the side, it means that they’re incredibly comfortable with their surroundings, are secure with themselves, and are in no way high-maintenance. And though your dog may be guarded and alert when awake, she feels blessed to be in your home and company, and has an enormous sense of trust in you. Dogs who sleep in this position tend to be happy-go-lucky and fiercely loyal.

  • 2

    The “Fox” Position

    Via: Little Things

    This is probably the most common position. their paws will be comfortably tucked away under their bodies and the tail will wrap all the way round till it touches the face. dogs who sleep in this positions are gentle, easy going and have a naturally sweet temper.  

  • 3

    The “Superman” position

    Via: Little Things

    Many dogs sleep on their stomachs, but the “Super” pups are the most adorable of them all. with all their four limbs stretched out and head level on the ground, they look like they’re flying. pups who sleep in this position are super high energy and very easily motivated. 

  • 4

    The “Crazy Legs” position

    Via: Little Things

    Even though this position looks slightly odd, it’s nothing to be concerned about – this just means that they are very confident and secure with themselves and with their home environment. Dogs who assume this sleeping position tend to be very laid-back and have an independent character. 

  • 5

    The “Tummy Curl” position

    Via: Little Things

    Dogs that sleep in that position may not be as relaxed since their muscles are still too tense to enable them to drift into the REM stage of sleep. pooches who curl up on their tummies while they sleep, tend to be very gentle but slightly timid and shy. 

  • 6

    The “Passed Out” position

    Via: Little Things

    Many dogs who sleep indoors opt for this “passed out” position. A dog will lie on its back in order to help themselves cool down as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of the time, dogs who have expended lots of energy during the day, or who are overheated, will sleep flat on their backs. In addition, really happy, secure, and relaxed dogs will tilt their legs in the air during their sleep. Dogs who sleep in this position are highly confident in themselves, and they also tend to be very adaptable to different and new situations.

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Small Town Gives Dogs Their Own Pool Day

Allentown has done something rather spectacular! The town has now opened its pools to not only the public this summer, but they decided to embrace a rather late summer tradition..  Now, one of Allentown’s public pools has gone to the dogs! It happened this Saturday, August 19th, 2017!

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

    So, the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation held its first “Doggie Dip” session from 12 to 4 p.m. at Mack Pool. Luckily, for those who couldn’t make the first session a second session is scheduled for 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday! A news release stated the the sessions are billed as, “an opportunity to bring man’s best friend to the pool to cool off during the dog days of summer.”

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

    The cost per dog is $4 for city residents and $6 for non residents. Now we are thinking that’s a sweet deal! We mean, isn’t anything always worth it to see your best friend having the time of their life!

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

    There are restrictions however…all dogs must have a valid 2017 license and be up to date on all vaccinations. At least one handler per dog must be resent and any aggressive animals will be asked to leave.

    We just have to say… this is the best idea ever!

  • Just look at them having the best time!

    Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

  • Via: Saed Hindash | For lehighvalleylive.com

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The Internet’s Greatest Mystery is Solved: This Is How Dogs Wear Pants

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19 Reasons Why Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs

  • 1

    Via: imgur

  • 2

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  • 3

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  • 4

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  • 5

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  • 6

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  • 7

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  • 8

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  • 9

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  • 10

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  • 11

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  • 12

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  • 13

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  • 14

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  • 15

    Via: imgur

  • 16

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  • 17

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  • 18

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  • 19

    Via: imgur

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10+ Times People Failed To Send Dog Pics To We Rate Dogs Twitter

WeRateDogs is a Twitter account that does exactly what it says. It rates dogs. And it’s hilarious. All you have to do is send them a picture of your dog via direct message (or any dog come to think of it) and they’ll give it a score from one to ten. The only problem is, some people seem to be sending them pictures of things that CLEARLY aren’t dogs! Scroll down to see what we mean. From Taiwanese Guide Walruses and East African Chalupa Seals to Iraqi Speed Kangaroos and Mongolian Grass Snakes, the list contains pretty much every animal you can think of…except dogs! (h/t: cheezburger)

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10+ Hilarious Pics Of Dogs Acting Weird (Add Yours!)

Hey Pandas! Recently we asked you to send us your pictures of your dogs acting weird, and as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, you certainly didn’t disappoint us! We’ve taken a bunch of your best pictures and combined them with some of our own favorites from across the internet to create this loving homage to our canine companions acting too weird for words. Scroll down to see if you can find your own crazy pooch, and feel free to send us your pictures if you haven’t already done so!

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