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We Rate Dogs shuts down man claiming not all dogs are good

If you’re going to talk shit about dogs on Twitter, be aware that you are at serious risk of online abuse.

We Rate Dogs, as name suggests, is a Twitter account that “rates” dogs, except the scoring is slightly skewed because all dogs are good dogs. Duh.

If you aren’t following the account yet, you’re missing out on some top-notch, 13/10 pup action. Check out some of these puppers:

Fighting for the all the good doggos around the world, the account will occasionally shut down anyone who tries to say that bad dogs exist. If you’re new to the world of dog memes, it’s a grand old time.

On Wednesday, popular Twitter person and self-described “normal dude” Brandon Zaboklicki a.k.a sexualjumanji, made the mistake of making the false claim that there are some bad dogs in the world.

We Rate Dogs saw, and asked the man to rethink his stance on bad dogs. He did.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but the regret process is still very much intact. Given that We Rate Dogs has 2.69 million dog-loving followers, it’s safe to say he endured the full wrath of dog Twitter.

When reached for comment, Zaboklicki confirmed his recent revelation.

“I think all dogs are good,” he wrote via DM.

With more than 92,000 followers, Zaboklicki is no stranger to some attention on the site, but he described his experience of feeling the wrath of dog Twitter as a “wild night.”

We Rate Dogs is basically the mafia for dog memes.

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17 Ridiculously Amusing Dogs Wearing Hats That Will Make Your Friday!

  • 1

    Trying to play it cool with the “wink”

    Via: AmberStardustPhoenix

  • 2

    Think he is vacation ready?

    Via: pgaudyn

  • 3

    A true fan

    Via: Tazer2340

  • 4

    Oui, Oui…. La baguette avec du fromage!

    Via: Ebbing

  • 5

    Whose the prettiest princess!

    Via: Rbagg_

  • 6

    It’s Called The Cat in the hat, Janice.

    Via: rudelycorrectingyou

  • 7

    Made Him a sailors hat… he’s taking it very seriously.

    Via: flacedpenis

  • 8

    Das whats up.

    Via: OrLive

  • 9

    Hey! There’s A new Sheriif in town… so you better behave!

    Via: VaderVixen

  • 10

    Okay… Ha!

    Via: DyneDenethor

  • 11

    Ha cute. Now settle down

    Via: _zero_cool_

  • 12

    Cinco De… Food?

    Via: edhialdyn

  • 13

    Dear Diary.. Today was a relaxing day at the pool.

    Via: felinefinengroovy

  • 14

    Is it just us… or does she look better in this hat than we would?

    Via: crayongirl000

  • 15

    He’s ready for the snow.

    Via: VeggieWitchBitch

  • 16

    The choosing hat said Hufflepuff…. he wasn’t pleased.

    Via: cvpricorn

  • 17

    Da na na Batman…s

    Via: DyneDenethor

  • 18

    No more school!

    Via: wheezymustafa

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Guy immediately shut down against Twitter account that rates adorable dogs

Image: Ilka & Franz, getty images

All dogs are good dogs, and that’s what the Twitter account WeRateDogs is all about.

Unfortunately, some Twitter trolls like one named Brant (Brint? Brent? Bront?) couldn’t seem to understand. Brant tweeted at WeRateDogs to air some grievances against the account’s seemingly lenient standards.

Brant particularly took issue with the account rating every dog as a 10, or even a 11 or 12 out of 10. Quite the paradox.

WeRateDogs fired back with some infallible logic:

But Brant was not satisfied.

Brant challenged the dog-rating account to show some 3s or even 5 or 6-rated dogs on the account.

Of course, he was quickly refuted. Because at WeRateDogs, a 3 or 5 does not exist. Every dog is a superior dog.

Looks like Brant will have to find his own dog-rating system. We think he’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one.

Never be the guy who argues against cute dogs.

BONUS: Here are some corgi butts in slow motion.

Happy Monday! Here are some #corgi butts in slow motion.

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