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17 Ridiculously Amusing Dogs Wearing Hats That Will Make Your Friday!

  • 1

    Trying to play it cool with the “wink”

    Via: AmberStardustPhoenix

  • 2

    Think he is vacation ready?

    Via: pgaudyn

  • 3

    A true fan

    Via: Tazer2340

  • 4

    Oui, Oui…. La baguette avec du fromage!

    Via: Ebbing

  • 5

    Whose the prettiest princess!

    Via: Rbagg_

  • 6

    It’s Called The Cat in the hat, Janice.

    Via: rudelycorrectingyou

  • 7

    Made Him a sailors hat… he’s taking it very seriously.

    Via: flacedpenis

  • 8

    Das whats up.

    Via: OrLive

  • 9

    Hey! There’s A new Sheriif in town… so you better behave!

    Via: VaderVixen

  • 10

    Okay… Ha!

    Via: DyneDenethor

  • 11

    Ha cute. Now settle down

    Via: _zero_cool_

  • 12

    Cinco De… Food?

    Via: edhialdyn

  • 13

    Dear Diary.. Today was a relaxing day at the pool.

    Via: felinefinengroovy

  • 14

    Is it just us… or does she look better in this hat than we would?

    Via: crayongirl000

  • 15

    He’s ready for the snow.

    Via: VeggieWitchBitch

  • 16

    The choosing hat said Hufflepuff…. he wasn’t pleased.

    Via: cvpricorn

  • 17

    Da na na Batman…s

    Via: DyneDenethor

  • 18

    No more school!

    Via: wheezymustafa

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