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Tons Of Sad Dogs Are Scheduled To Be Euthanized, Then A Group Of Angels Changes Everything

If you can hold back tears watching this video, you are made of stronger stuff than us!

Rescue organization TracysDogs swept in and saved dozens of sweet pooches in the nick of time, scouring shelters in Texas for dogsscheduled to be put down.

These adorable dogs have been waiting their whole lives for forever families, and now they finally have them!

TracysDogs is an online rescue organization with a beautiful model for connecting pups with people. The staff at the rescue organization finds dogs in high-kill shelters in Texas and triesto match them up as quickly as possible with adopters.

The adopters take a leap of faith, finding their sweet pup online before finally meeting in person.

The pups, many of whom have been swept up out of lives of abuse and neglect, get to experience love for the very first time with their new forever families.

They’re still nervous and skittish, but after a few hours of comfort and affection, we have no doubt they’ll be shamelessly following their people into the bathroom in no time.

In the whole complex narrative of finally getting adopted, the most emotional moment might be when the pups and people meet in person for the very first time.

Scroll down to check out the video of each dog meeting their brand-new family. It’s positively tear-jerking!

And if you know someone who might like to rescue a dog from a high-kill shelter, make sure to check out the TracysDogswebpage andSHARE this article to spread the word!

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Man Wades Into Waist-High Floodwaters With Air Mattress To Rescue 11 Trapped Dogs

In recent weeks, flash flooding in a few states has become extreme, forcing people to abandon their cars and homes.

In Lousiana, an area that is sadly all too used to flooding, a State of Emergency was declared as flash flooding reached record levels in certain parts of the state.

The floodwaters were waist-high in many areas, with some people getting over three feet of water in their homes. It is during these trying times that we often see stories about heroes braving rushing floodwaters to save others.

When flooding occurs, many animals cannot prepare the same way humans can. They don’t watch the news, so they aren’t always aware they need to get to higher ground.

One brave Lousiana man used quick thinking in order to save his dogs. He knew about the impending flood, so he parked his car on higher ground, and brought an air matress to rescue his dogs.

Walking through over three feet of water, he pushed the air mattress through the flood, he was able to safely get out the eight dogs and three puppies. When he’d parked his car, there were only two inches of floodwaters, but it had grown exponentially throughout the day.

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Couple Watches Two Dogs Devour Treats, But Wife Screams Out When The Inside Is Pink

For parents-to-be, finding out the gender of a child is one of the most exciting parts about pregnancy. For months, couples wonder if they will be having a boy or a girl, and many decide to capture the moment they find out on camera.

They even invite friends and family to gender reveal parties so everyone can share this special moment with them. These often involve popping balloons or releasing them from a box, among many other ways.

But in December 2015, one couple put a fun twist on the often-seen cake-filling gender reveal by ordering special treats to be made for their two dogs.

In the video below, the coupleputs the treats on plates and watches the two pups devour them, anxiously waiting to see if the insides of the treats arepink or blue.

Of course, as they are dog-friendly, either strawberries or blueberries areinside, instead of icing.

Suddenly a little hint of pink can be seen as one of the dogs breaks through the top layer of the cake! It’s official the couple is expecting a little girl.

What an interesting and unique twist on the gender reveal cake, and what an awesome way to involve their pets!

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Woman Plays Cello For Kennel Full Of Sad, Lonely Dogs, Sees Them Transform In Front Of Her Eyes

There are endless ways we as humans can help out animals in need.

We’ve all heard the horrible stories of man’s best friend being abandoned by his or herowner, butthere are manypeople who go out of their wayto give these helpless creatures have a second chance at a good life.

Take this stray poodle, for example, whowas found by Hope For Paws in awful shape. But in a matter of time, she was brought back to health and was transformed into what looked like a brand new dog all thanks to the kindness of these animal lovers!

As mentioned in this video dating back to December 21, 2016, Natalie Helm was a new resident ofSarasota County, FL,but immediately found a second home at the Humane Society in town. When she wasn’t working as the Principle Cellist for the Sarasota Orchestra in the area, Helm spent her days keeping the animals company at the shelter.

During one of her usual visits, it dawned on Helm that she could use her amazing musical talent to better the lives of these creatures, who had most likely gone through unspeakable experiences.

So she returned with her cello one day, and placed a seat in the middle of a row of kennels. And as Helm started to play, the music filled the roomfor all the animals to hear you won’t believe how they reacted to her wonderful music!

Does this unique and personal way of helping animals touch your heart? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to SHARE this with your friends and family on Facebook!

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Lonely Shelter Dogs Get Adoption-Ready By Adorably Dressing Up For Christmas

As we count down the last few days before Christmas arrives, many people tend to think about the presents that they’re going to get!

It is hard not to focus on gifts when we have trees with presents piled underneath them.

Many of us have spent weeks, or maybe just days and hours, buying gifts for our loved ones. We want to see the looks on their faces when they open the present we bought!

But for shelter dogs, Christmas isn’t always the best holiday. If they’re still in the shelter come Christmas, they must rely on the tireless volunteers to care for them and show them love on Christmas Day.

Surely, these shelter animals would much rather have a forever home! There would be no greater gift for them than to wake up on Christmas morning with their new human family.

The Harbour Animal Shelter in San Pedro, California released a video of all of their shelter dogs, dressed up festively for Christmas.

The adorable video is to bring more attention to all of the dogs still in the shelter and they hope to then get these beautiful, friendly dogs adopted before the holiday! Hopefully, by this time Friday, everyone has a wonderful new home!

If you love seeing animals get festive for the holidays, you will adore this goat and prairie dog that are best friends, as they dressed up like Santa for Christmas!

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Giant Fluffy Dogs Freak Out And Run Around When They Realize Grandma Is Hiding In Their House

People try to act like animals do not feel the same emotions humans feel, but that simply is not true.

While dogs cannot speak to share their opinions and feelings, they do have similar thoughts to those ofhumans.

In this video uploaded to the YouTube channelLife with Malamutes,two Alaskan malamutesfreak out once they’re in their living room.

When their mom turns on the light, they start to jump on the couch and look around the room. They know someone is in the house!

The two dogs are excited because they realize that someone is their grandma! But they cannot see her, so they start to get anxious and jump around while they search for her.

The humongous fluffy dogs then start the search to figure out the important question where is their grandma? She’s in the house, but where?

The sweet dogs are able to find her fairly quickly after some sleuth work. They jump right on her bed and start to give her all the love and attention every grandma deserves! It is incredibly sweet!

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Man Transforms Lonely Shelter Dogs With Great Haircuts And A Lot Of Love

One thing that will always break my heart is knowing how many animals sit unloved in shelters across the world.

If I had the funds and space, I’d adopt them all and spend the rest of my days taking care of them and sharing theiranimal love with every person I could.

Sadly, that is very unrealistic and many dogs and cats remain in shelters. But at least one person is working hard to change that.

Mark Imhof, “the Dog Guy,” helps shelter dogs get adopted bygiving them makeovers! He takes dogs that could be described as “scraggly” or “messy” and turns them into beautiful dogs once more!

He is a volunteer groomer who started grooming dogs for the sole purpose of helping shelter dogs get adopted. The first dog he worked with was virtually unadoptable until he groomed him. Since then a wonderful opportunity has presented itself and he’s helping all the dogs he can!

You can see the difference he is making in these dog’s lives in the video below!

If you love to see senior and shelter dogs getting the love they deserve, you will enjoy watching this senior dog get a makeoverbefore finding his forever home!

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Dad Snaps Photos Of Pregnant Wifes Belly For 9 Months, But Their 2 Dogs Are The Stars

Part of a mom’s pregnancy is appreciating the growth of a child, and watching how her body grows as the baby does, too.

But on a day-to-day basis, there is no way to really see this growth that’s why many parents make time-lapse videos! They take a photo every so often and replay the compilation to see the baby grow from beginning to end in just a few seconds.

In 2015, couple Byron and Monique created a beautiful time-lapse video of Monique’s pregnant belly, but everyone who has seen it isn’t raving about the quality of the photos or the way she carries.

Everyone is paying attentionto the couple’s two dogs, Dunder and Munster!

The two pups are the stars of the video, which has gone viral. They watch as the guest room in their home is totally transformed, and becomes the new baby’s room!

As expected, Dunder and Munster lounge around, protecting their pregnant owner. They even begin to be protective of the empty crib after it’s installed.

Finally, mom and dad come home with a new baby, adding a new member to their big, happy family!

The couple is also known for their time-lapse video of Dunder’s first year of life. He goes from a tiny puppy to the grown-up pup he is today!

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Veteran Surrenders His 2 Senior Dogs, But They Refuse To Leave Each Others Side

When animals wind up in animal shelters, it is not always because they were unloved and abused.

Sometimes, life does not work out as planned and unforeseen things happen.

People who no longer can look after themselves often have to part ways with their beloved pets. In some circumstances, these pets go to a family member. But if no one can take in the animals, or there is no one left in the family for them to go to, they are turned over. This happened at the Michigan Humane Society.

Lilly and Kakee are a dog and cat pair who were surrendered when their veteran owner went into a retirement home. The senior animals are in good spirits and health, so they did not go unloved.

But now that they are in a shelter, not everyone looks to adopt two senior pets together. But Lilly and Kakee are best friends who have no plans to part ways this late in their lives. The two are basically attached at the hip!

They have not been adopted yet, but these two are looking to find a new home together in time for the holidays!

If you love this story, you will alsoenjoy this other rescue from theMichigan Humane Societyof a2-day-old puppy being paired with a mama catto see if she would adopt him.

To learn more about the Michigan Humane Societys lifesaving work, visitmichiganhumane.org.

Dont forget toSHAREthis with all your friends and family to make sure they are aware of all the organizations that helpinjured or abandoned animals!

Video Credit: Michigan Humane Society

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3 Dogs Are Left To Die In A Drainage Ditch With No Way Of Escaping Until Rescuer Comes For Them

Animal abuse is a sad reality that occurs every day. Oftentimes, these poor animals are abandoned in terrifying places and left to fend for themselves.

Three of these animals were luckily saved from one such terrible situation.

Rescuers from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis couldn’t believe their eyes when they were called to help three dogs left stranded in a drainage ditch.

“This is crazy,” the rescuersaid once he arrived tothe scene.

And it sure was. It was anunbearable scene for any animal lover (much like the pooch found in India with severe sores on his skin). The dogs were panting and barking with absolutely no way of escaping on their own.

What’s even worse? It was clear someone tossed the dogs into the ditch, as it was a big leap for them toget down there in the first place.

One of the brave rescuers, however, had no problem jumping in there to save them, even though he had no idea if they were aggressive or not. He lifted each doghigh enough for the rescuers up above to grab them safely.

Like therescuers who rushed to save a dog stuck in an open well in India, this man’s efforts are worth commending.

Then theStray Rescue of St. Louis rescuer was the one that needed some help getting out.

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