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Mini Cow Rescued From Auction Moves In With 12 Dogs, Now Shes Convinced Shes A Puppy

On March 1, Rocky Ridge Refuge, an animal sanctuary in North Arkansas, introduced their 140,000 Facebook fans to the newest addition to their family: a sweet minicow.

They posted a photo of the calf to Facebook, writing, “Let me formally introduce Moonpie for those that have been asking; she is a 6-7 week old miniature heifer (girl) that a friend found at a local auction. She is now a RRR cow!”

Calves this young should normally still be with their mothers, so when someone saw this sweet little baby at an auction, they knew that she couldn’t just go to a farm she needed to go somewhere she could get the proper care a baby deserves.

Because Moonpie was so little, when she arrived at the Rocky Ridge Refuge, the weather was so bad that she couldn’t stay outside with the other cows.

Janice Wolf, the founder of the sanctuary, decided to keep Moonpie in her bedroom with her. Inside the house, Moonpie quickly made friends with Janice’s dogs!

[H/T Bored Panda]


Little Moonpie was only six weeks old when people tried to sell her at a livestock auction.

At only six weeks, Moonpie should have still been with her mother, but here she was being sold. Luckily, Janice Wolf’s friendsaw Moonpieand knew she would thrive at Janice’s animal sanctuary.


Once she was brought into Janice’s care, Janice realized just how little Moonpie truly was.

The weather was so bad outside that the sweet calf wouldn’t be able to stay with the other cows, so Janice made Moonpie at home in her own bedroom.


Needless to say, Janice’s dogs were thrilled to have another friend to love.

They immediately took to Moonpie and started treating her like one of their own and Moonpie loved it.


Janice explained toThe Dodo, “She accepts them as her buddies. Babies like that they don’t know a whole lot about what it’s supposed to be, so they just kind of accept things.”

As for the dogs? “They are her surrogate moms. They clean her face, the way her mother would have. They love to do that,” Janice says.


Although all the dogs love Moonpie, there’s one pup who won’t leave Moonpie’s side: a deaf bull terrier named Spackle.

Spackle and Moonpie do everything together, from napping to playing they’re truly best buds.


Stories like this really warm my heart it’s so great to see that even after the troubling beginning of her life, Moonpie is so happy and content now.


Have you ever seen close friendships between dogs and cows before?

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Can Dogs Tell If Youre A Bad Person? The Answer Is Fascinating

Have you ever noticed that your dog seems to react strangely to certain people?

It’s not uncommon for dog owners to noticethat their dogs don’t like particular people, although sometimes it’s unclear why.

Your perfectly well-behaved dog can suddenly start barking angrily at a stranger, or refuse to take a treat from a friend who comes to visit. It’s always surprising, but usually dog owners just write it off as their dog being weird.

Interestingly, there’s actually a scientific reason your dog may randomly act strangely toward certain people they can tell if someone is a bad person!

If you own a dog, you probably know that they’re pretty intuitive creatures who have good judgment.

The fact that they can tell if someone is a good or bad person may not surprise you, but it’s fascinating to learn more about how researchers tested dogs’ judgment.

[H/T Country Living]

Thumbnail: Pixabay


If you’ve ever noticed that your dog reacts negatively toward certain people, there’s actually scientific evidencethat it may be because they recognize that they’re a bad person.

Researchers tested the hypothesis that dogs can tell if people are being mean to one another.


An article published inNeuroscience and Behavioural Reviewsclaims that dogs can recognize when someone is being a good person, and are particularly adept at realizing when people are being horrible to one another.


To perform the study, researchers had dog owners act out two separate scenarios while their dogs watched.

In the first scenario, the dog owner struggledto open a container, then asked two researchers to help. One researcher helped, while the other stood by passively.

In the second scenario, the dog owner again struggled with a container and asked for help. One researcher watched passively, but the other actively refused to help.


After both scenarios, researchers offered the dog a treat.

In the first scenario, the dog was just as likely to take a treat from the passive researcher as the helpful researcher.

In the second scenario, however, the dog was much more likely to ignore the treat from the person who was mean to their owner (refused to help).


The researchers concluded that dogs can tell when someone is being mean to another person, then they react accordingly.

So if your dog ever refuses to take a treat from someone for seemingly no reason, they may actually think that they’re a bad person.


Do you think your dog has good intuition and judgment?

If you love learning about dogs,

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Woman Sees Dogs Sniffing At A Spot In The Grass, Then Realizes Its A Baby Flying Squirrel

In October 2016, a category four hurricane named Matthew was set to hit the South.

Katlyn Dence and her husband hunkered down in their house to prepare for the storm.

Although Katlyn and her husband live in Savannah, Georgia, the storm was still heading directly for them.

The government issued a mandatory evacuation, but because Katlyn’s husband is in the military, they were required to stay.

They got a lot of crazy weather with Hurricane Matthew, but when the storm passed, Katlyn finally let her dogs outside to run around.

As they were getting their energy out, one of the dogs started sniffing at something in the grass.

Katlyn noticed something moving, so she called her dog away from it and had her husband investigate.

What he found surprised all of them: a tiny 4-week-old Southern flying squirrel.

Dence, who is a veterinary technician, knew that the squirrel infant needed help, so she instantly brought him inside.

[H/T:The Dodo]


Katlyn told The Dodo: “He was still a baby, and shouldn’t have been out of his nest, and his eyes had just opened like a week or two before that. He was wet and cold, so we brought him inside. We didn’t have any power, so we had to keep him warm with hand warmers.”


Katlyn wasn’t sure if the squirrel would survive because he was so small, but she wanted to do everything she could to help him.

Once she brought him into her home, she named him Acorn and tried her best to make him comfortable.


Acorn was so scared at first that he kept trying to bite Katlyn and get away, so Katlyn did her best to just keep him warm and safe.

Not only was Acorn terrified after being separated from his mom, he was also very weak.

Acorn eventually got more comfortable with Katlyn, so she started keeping him in her pocket.


Katlyn only had access to kitten milk during the storm, so that’s what she fed Acorn until stores opened back up.

With Katlyn’s help, Acorn started growing bigger and stronger.

She wants to eventually release him back into the wild, but she needs to make sure he can care for himself before she does that.


Acorn is 5 months old now, and Katlyn assumes she’ll keep him until he’s around 1 year old.

Katlyn keeps Acorn in a large cage meant for sugar gliders, but when she’s home, he has free range of her room.


Apparently he loves to cuddle, fly around, and scavenge for nuts.

Katlyn says that after he’s had a day of running around, it’s normal for her to find nuts stashed in her pillowcase and in Acorn’s little house.


Acorn and Katlyn are pretty inseparable now, which is downright adorable.

If you think all animals deserve to be rescued and loved,

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Bus Driver Spots Dogs Shivering In A Storm, So He Breaks The Rules And Brings Them On Board

Even if you love thunderstorms, you probably don’t like getting stuck outside during a torrential downpour. Luckily, if a thunderstorm rolls in unexpectedly, we can duck into a store or restaurant and wait for the storm to pass.

Dogs are not quite as fortunate as humans, though, especially if they’re stray dogs who don’t have loving families. Stray animals have far fewer options when a storm begins: they can try to find cover near buildings or under items people have thrown out.

Sometimes, people notice the animals and take them in, like these police officers who saved a deer trapped in a thunderstorm, or this neighbor who rescued a dog stuck outside during a storm.

An enormous thunderstorm started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a bus driver noticed two stray dogs stuck outside.

Concerned for the shivering, fearful pooches, the bus driver pulled over, grabbed the dogs, and brought them on board.

Sounds like a great move, right? Well, it was but animals aren’t allowed on buses in Buenos Aires.

The driver knew that customers would take pictures of the dogs, but he knew he couldn’t just leave the dogs outside, so he broke the rules and went to get them.

What he didn’t know was that his caring action would inspire the bus riders.



Although he wasn’t supposed to let animals on board, the bus driver couldn’t just let these dogs stay out in the storm.

He pulled over, picked them up, and brought them onto the bus, where they could stay safe and dry.

As he expected, bus riders took photos of the dogs and shared the driver’s heroic actions online the posts spread all over the internet, with people everywhere impressed by the driver.


The driver was probably worried that he would face repercussions when his bosses found out what he’d done, but he decided that rescuing the dogs was worth it.

Tohis surprise, management commended him when they found out abouthis actions.


Although they’re strict about their “no animals” policy, they were supportive of the driver given the circumstances.

And who couldn’t be supportive? Just look at those dogs’ faces!


Even though the dogs look a little scared on the bus, it’s undoubtedly a better place for them than outside during the storm.


Many customers who were on the bus at the time took pictures of the pups and shared them online, askingif anyone wanted to take in the dogs.

With such sweet faces, we’re sure they were able to find homes at a shelter or with a loving family.


It’s so lucky for these sweet little pups that a caring bus driver found them and took them in.

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Dogs Comforted Each Other In A Cruel Meat Farm, Then They Reunite Months After Being Rescued

They say true love can stand the tests oftime, distance, and hardship, and if Sophia and Kenji aren’t proof of that, well, we don’t know what is. Imagine living with your soulmate and raising a family in terrible conditions, and being one another’s only source of comfort amid cruelty, and then being separated for months.

And now imagine going through all of that and not even being able to speak up for yourself because you’re a dog.

Sophia and Kenji were living on a meat farm in South Korea, where dog meat is still eaten, despite a growing and increasingly vocal opposition towards the practice. They had puppies together, and comforted one another in times of need.

Eventually, a dog rescue group called Jindo Love, which specializes in rescuing dogs from the meat trade.A Jindo is a breed of Korean dog, which in the old days was prized for its hunting ability as well as its unending loyalty.

Sophia and Kenji were shipped to the U.S. to be adopted, but it was there that they were separated, and ended up being adopted by different families. Kenji went home with a Massachusetts woman named Lindsay Goldstein, whose family immediately fell in love with the fluffy white pooch.

But Kenji still missed his true love, Sophia.

[H/T: The Dodo]

When he was rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Kenji was brought to the U.S. to start a new life. Thanks to help from Sweet Paws Rescue, he found a new home with Lindsay Goldstein in Massachusetts.

Kenji and his new family immediately fell for each other. “He’s the sweetest dog,” Goldstein says. “He’s so calm and affectionate, and he loves attention and belly rubs. When he’s excited, he lets us know with deep howls.”

However, Kenji wasn’t too keen on hanging out with other dogs. Goldstein had heard about Sophia, and thought maybe his antisocial nature was based on missing her.

She was able to track down the family who had adopted Sophia, and they agreed to arrange a reunion. Of course, they weren’t sure if the dogs would remember one another. It had been months. The last time they were together was back in Korea, and so they weren’t sure what to expect when they brought them together again.

A few months and an ocean’s worth of travel? That didn’t mean anything when Kenji and Sophia were reunited!

“When he saw Sophia, it was obvious they remembered and loved each other,” Goldstein says. “He’s not great with other dogs, but it was clear he loved Sophia!”

The two spent a glorious day playing and cuddling, spending every moment side by side.

That is, unless they were rolling around!

“He had more energy than ever that day and loved running around the yard with her,” Goldstein says.

It was like they’d never been separated at all.

We also know that Jindo Love, the Korean rescue organization, was able to rescue Sophia and Kenji’s puppies from the farm, too, and they’ve also been adopted into happy homes.

Here are three of their babies who were also rescued. Their names are Kismet, Ozzie, and Willow.

And it turned out that Sophia was adopted by a family in neighboring state Connecticut, so she and Kenji can see each other relatively easily. Goldstein is not only in contact with Sophia’s humans, but also the people who adopted their puppies.

Talk about a family reunion!

They say true love can stand up to all kinds of obstacles, even the ones that seem insurmountable. If you ever doubted that, just look to Kenji and Sophia!

And if you want to see some pure joy, watch the video of their playtime below!

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People May Hate Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters, But Dogs Hate It Even More

When the holiday season rolls around, so do holiday parties. And the worst holiday parties of all? Ugly Christmas sweater parties.

You might be thinking, “No way, office holiday parties are definitely worse,” or “You clearly haven’t been to one of my family holiday parties.” But hear me out.

Ugly sweater parties are usually just normal parties, but what makes them so terrible is the ugly sweaters. These sweaters are notorious for being itchy, scratchy and just generally horrible. Not only are they hideous, but they’re uncomfortable.

So ugly sweater parties end up being full ofpeople whose clothes are causing them massive amounts of discomfort. You’re usually warm, sweaty, and irritable. So how could anyone possibly hate ugly sweaters more than we do? Well, just ask these very unhappy dogs.

If you’ve ever had a dog, you might have wanted to dress it up in little adorable dog clothes.

Some dogs live for wearing clothes, some merely put up with it, and others absolutely hate it.

But it seems as though ugly Christmas sweaters are just universally disliked by humans and dogs alike.

I can’t imagine how warm these dogs must get in sweaters. They already have full coats of fur, the last thing they need is scratchy sweaters on top of that.

Just take a look at these grumpy faces. If you plan on putting your dog in a Christmas sweater this holiday season, be sure to reward them with lots of their favorite treats.

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Photographer Captures Sweet Dogs Enjoying The Autumn Weather

You might think that you’re the biggest fan of fall there is. You might savor the crisp air and the smell of falling leaves, and love nothing more than curling up with a hot drink and a pair of cozy, fluffy socks, but one photographer is out to show you that there may, in fact, be a few individuals who love fall even more.

If that sounds hard to believe, look no further than the photography of Anne Geier. She combines her love of nature, dogs, and photography into breathtaking photos of pooches in the woods during the different seasons in her native Austria.

She’s photographed dogs of all sizes and breeds reveling in fall’s beautiful colors and falling leaves. It turns out that dogs love to scuffle and explore through the fallen leaves, which is another great reason to leave them where they land in your own yard.

If you weren’t already in the autumn mood, then Geier’s photos will get you there, and quickly.

Besides capturing her own dog on film, Geier also offers photography services for other dogs, too. She places them in natural settings and just lets the dogs explore, play, and interact with nature on their own terms, creating portraits that not only capture beauty, but the dogs’ unique personalities, too.

Check out some of her photos below, but we recommend getting a nice hot spiced tea to go along with them!

[H/T: BoredPanda]

Anne Geier is a photographer from Austria specializing in dog photography.

She creates stunning photos like this that capture the beauty of nature, and of the dogs.

By letting the dogs’ actions guide the photo shoot, she’s able to also capture their personalities in each photo.

Some dogs like to lie quietly and soak in the scenery…

…and some like to be a little more active.

Of course, even the quiet ones can’t help but roll on the nice, crunchy leaves that line the ground during the fall.

The warm golden tones of her photos, plus the endearing silliness of her subjects, turn ordinary scenes into magical moments.

And just as the dogs find some wonder in the leaves, we find wonder in their wonder!

Geier is also a master at capturing the unique beauty of every dog she works with, whether they’re stately and elegant, like this dog…

…or scrappy and adorable like this one!

And of course, she sometimes breaks out the props for special occasions.

And there’s always room for a family portrait.

It’s like these dogs perfectly sum up how we humans feel about the fall: we just want to snuggle right up inside it!

Or maybe it makes you want to jump for joy.

The dogs, out in the woods, are free to simply express themselves, and maybe that’s why we have such a direct and emotional response.

And the photosremind us that no matter how many autumns we’ve lived through, there’s always a beauty that makes it seem like the first time.

You can see more of Geier’s work, and see what she gets up to in the other seasons, on her website as well as on Facebook.

How do you react to fall? Are you a sleepy snuggler, or an active leaf-jumper? Let us know in the comments!

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Chowder The Rescue Pig Is Raised By 5 Dogs, Thinks Hes One Of The Pack

A home with five dogs is a home with alot of dogs, but at that point, what’s one more?

Of course, in the case of Chowder, it’s not anotherdog we’re talking about, but, in fact, a very large piggy.

A piggy who, after being brought up by five dogs, considers himself to be one of the pack. And his canine siblings are totally on board with that.

Chowder’s dog family is a mix of different sizes and breeds, so they’re all used to accepting and appreciating differences.

They range from a small Pomeranian mix to a large German shepherd, and they all enjoy hanging out, either in their human Shelby’s cozy living room or out on the sunny back patio.

We always think of dogs as the ones who love to show their affection for us, not to mention love to cuddle. But in fact, there are plenty of animals just waiting to show us their friendly sides, including kangaroos and even giant tortoises.

It’s easy to see just how much this family, made up of rescues, cares for one another and enjoys one another’s company.

Check out some of Chowder’s everyday activities with his dog sibs below.

[H/T: The Dodo]

Meet Chowder. Chowder was rescued by a woman named Shelby, whose family also consists of five dogs that vary in size.

They all like hanging out at home, spending time in Shelby’s tastefully decorated living room.

And, of course, they like spending time outside too, and the patio is the perfect place for sunning, playing, and, for Chowder, rolling around in the dirt.

Chowder is, of course, sure to spend quality time with all of his siblings, from the big ones…

to the little ones.

And of course he spends time with his human, too.

Sometimes, though, he prefers to do his own thing. There’s always something to be found in the soil.

His investigations even sometimes inspire a sibling or two to come along.

(In case you’re wondering, the extra dog in this photo the small black one is a visiting friend.)

Of course, Chowder wasn’t always quite so large. He started out as a little piglet.

His human mom, Shelby, points out that while many people adopt “mini pigs” for their cuteness, many can’t handle the reality that they grow. A lot.

As a result, many pigs are given up when they’re considered too big.

Shelby, though, pledged to always take care of Chowder, no matter his size. Andthat’s exactly what she’s doing.

Chowder not only had her support growing up, but that of his canine siblings, too.

Today, they’re one big (really big) happy family.

They spend a lotof time just being silly.

And Chowder has definitely learned a thing or two from the dogs, like that a dog bed really is a great place for a nap.

And on colder nights, a bit more snuggling is in order.

Go ahead, make a pig-in-a-blanket joke. You know you want to.

Chowder and his dog siblings are living a very good life, thanks to Shelby’s kindness and love.

She hopes that more people consider adopting, and consider adopting less traditional pets, like Chowder.

Shelby’s animal crewshows us all that no matter our differences, a little love can make us family.

You can see more of this family’s daily adventures on Instagram, and consider helping out another pig pal in need over on GoFundMe.

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