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Watch: Paratrooper Dogs Hunt Poachers in South Africa

South Africas newest anti-poaching weapon: dogs that parachute into wildlife reserves from helicopters.”>

In South Africa, mans best friend is now poachers worst enemy.

To combat the illegal hunting of endangered elephants and rhinos, the country has trained an elite force of poacher-chasing dogs to parachute into wildlife reserves from helicopters. And the dogs are effectiveone caught 115 groups of poachers in 18 months.

The organization behind this terrifying approach to conservation is a security tech company called Paramount Group. The BBC recently took a tour of the groups Anti-Poaching and Canine Training Academy, and filmed some video of the dogs practicing. You can watch that video here.

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/10/03/watch-paratrooper-dogs-hunt-poachers-in-south-africa.html

Colorado Developer Bulldozes Over Live Prairie Dogs

Protesters pointed out prairie dogs looking in fear as construction vehicles tore through their colony.”>

A developer in Parker, Colorado has been excavating land–while a whole colony of prairie dogs is still living on it, protesters say.

What were seeing now is an active destruction of a prairie dog colony, Deanna Meyer, an activist with Prairie Protection Colorado, told KMGH. Most developers would at least try to remove the prairie dogs from the land prior to commencing with development This is a rare thing.

More than 50 of the furry critters live on the excavation site, although some have already been killed, Meyer said. This week, she and other protesters have been trying to save the remaining ones by calling attention to the problem, standing alongside the site with signs reading Wildlife Massacre and Kill Zone.

One construction worker offered a sarcastic explanation of how he and his colleagues handled the creatures.

See, what we did is, we put out mailers, and we put them in their holes, and we asked them all to leave, and they all moved out, the worker can be seen telling Meyer in a video she posted to YouTube.

A more serious answer has not yet emerged, as the developer did not respond to a question from KMGH. The City of Parker, however, told the outlet there are no regulations for how to deal with prairie dogs on a construction site.

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/09/07/colorado-developer-bulldozes-over-live-prairie-dogs.html

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