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Russian dogs bother a woman until she gives them some food

Some dog’s don’t deserve the title of man’s best friend.

The dogs that roam the streets of Moscow are known to be pretty intuitive; some of them have even been seen navigating the city’s complex subway system. But when it’s time for some grub, these dogs also know a quick way to score a bite to eat.

A group of three dogs were recently spotted ganging up on a poor woman exiting a grocery store. After a few moments of the dogs jumping on her, she finally gave in and handed the big one a loaf of bread.

It’s unclear if the woman previously made the mistake of feeding these dogs or if they just run a food-stealing ring that operates out of the grocery store.

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Tiny dogs bully a bear out of their yard

These dogs may be tiny, but they know how to protect their home.

Christine Downs of Bradbury, California, had a run in with a bear on Sept. 22, but everything is cool because her two small (and frealess) dogs took care of it.

Bentley and Tucker trying really hard to scare that bear. (It’s not working).

Posted by Christine Downs on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Downs filmed the large bear casing her property just beyond a fence, but her two dogs, named Bentley and Tucker, refused to stand down.

“Bentley and Tucker trying really hard to scare that bear. (It’s not working),” Downs wrote on Facebook.

Eventually, after some barking and plenty of jumping, the bear retreats back into the woods without incident.

Bonus: Bear hugs are never ending for this lucky man

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