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Sad BBC news reporter very unhappily presents footage of happy, surfing dogs

It’s silly season in the UK, which means the media is abundant with funny and frivolous stories to make up for the summer’s slow news and one reporter in particular is just completely over it.

BBC News presenter Simon McCoy is so over it in fact that not even a story about the World Dog Surfing Championship can get a smile out of him. He even prefaces the segment with, “Just bear in mind, it is August,” setting up the clip with as much silly season enthusiasm as he can muster.

We didn’t think it was possible to be this unhappy while reporting on surfing pups, but sheesh, were we wrong. Is he talking about pups or the stock market?

His exasperated sighs can be heard over clips of the event a stark juxtaposition to the footage of happy doggies splashing carelessly in the waves. This man has had it with all the silliness.

Maybe he’s seen one too many dogs surf and now he’s unimpressed. Perhaps he had higher aspirations to only report on cats and now he’s stuck doing dog stories.

Dogs surfing = BORING. Tough break, dude.

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Dogs can’t decide if they like fidget spinners or not

Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Dogs, like all of us, don’t know what to make of fidget spinners, and can’t wait for them to finally go away. Videos of people engaging their dogs with fidget spinners are rapidly becoming the latest trend, for better or worse.

Googling “fidget spinner dog” reveals a bounty of great content, and if there’s one overarching takeaway, it’s that dogs really have no remote idea what to make of them.

Fidget spinner on dog mouth, lol! #fidgetspinner #fidget #fidgetcube

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Dachshund fidget spinner master

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All great, but if there’s one clear winner, it’s obviously this:

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Decorative ‘cones of shame’ are helping dogs get adopted

For a few lucky dogs, the dreaded cone of shame is no more.

In its place is the Cone of Fame, a beautifully decorated cone courtesy of artist and animal center volunteer Erin Einbender.

Einbender began her Cones of Fame project to help dogs get adopted at Chicago’s One Tail at a Time, as well as to highlight the importance of spaying and neutering pets a cone-worthy procedure for furry friends.

After she and volunteers designed and crafted the stylish cones, she photographed adoptable pups at One Tail at a Time wearing them. For example, here’s Ellie wearing the “Bubblegum” model.

“Bubblegum” – Ellie – adopted!

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So far, Einbender’s effort have paid off all her initial dog models have since found new homes.

According to NBC Chicago, Einbender eventually wants to make another round of Cones of Fame and this time, she wants to get designers involved.

Cool with us. We could probably look at fashion cones forever.

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Dogs excited to go to the beach drag their owner right off the porch

Most dogs truly do love their owners, but do you know what they love more? The beach.

A couple was preparing for a trip to the beach when their dogs got a little bit too eager and accidentally dragged their owner right off her front porch.

“They get excited when they know they are going in the RV and my wife thought she could handle the two Great Danes,” one of the dog owners wrote. “They were on a special leash where they are on one leash together and they pulled her off the front porch and ran to the RV.”

To make matters worse, their Jack Russell followed the Danes, and ran right past the woman after she was pulled from the porch.

The woman suffered a broken bone in her elbow, but the owners did say that the last dog on the porch did eventually check on the poor woman and licked her face.

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Say hi to these good cats and dogs who just got their summer haircuts

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are rising, the sun is spending a little more time outside, and pets everywhere are making the world more glamorous with their summer haircuts.

Now, not all pets need a summer cut. Many shed naturally in the summer anyway, and a multi-layered coat often serves as insulation to help them stay cool. But in some cases, a trim helps with the added bonus of being extremely cute.


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Decided to take a few extra inches off today #freshdoodsdo yea or nay!?

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Please stay tuned for more.

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The internet loves these dogs who had a rebellious roof party

Tempted by a cracked-open window, these two dogs escaped the top floor of their home Thursday and had an impromptu party on the roof.

You were not invited to this party (sorry!), but that’s OK. Thanks to the internet, you can still experience it vicariously.

The internet learned about Dog Party through tweets from Mic‘s Cooper Fleishman. Fleishman, in turn, learned about Dog Party from his mother, a firsthand Dog Party witness.

Turns out, the dogs’ owner had not authorized this Dog Party. In fact, she didn’t even know about it. But that’s the thing about parties … they’re more fun if you don’t tell your parents.

Here’s what went down:

And, by popular demand, here are Fleishman’s mom’s Easter buns.

See? Kind of seems like you were there, right?

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Beautiful German shepherd beats out over 2,000 dogs to win Westminster’s 2017 ‘Best in Show’

Rumor has it.
Image: Getty Images

Nearly 3,000 dogs traveled to New York City to compete in the Westminster Dog Show this past weekend, but only one could be Best in Show.

This year, the honor was given to Rumor, a 5-year-old female German shepherd.

The Best in Show Judge Thomas H. Bradley told CNN that German shepherds were all about quality and nobility when the prize was awarded last night.

“When you recognize it, it hits you home, and that’s what it really is. She is just magnificent,” Bradley said.

Rumor is named after Adele’s song “Rumor Has It,” according to CNN, which means Adele has so far been completely owning 2017.

The German shepherd won the herding group in order to compete for Best in Show. Here are the six other finalists who won their their category and also competed for the top prize.

Best Hound: Duffy, Norwegian elkhound

Best Toy: Chuckie, Pekingese

Best Non-Sporting: Aftin, miniature poodle

Best Sporting: Adrian, Irish setter

Best Working: Devlin, boxer

Best Terrier: Tanner, Norwich terrier

Congratulations to all of these very excellent doggos.

And special congratulations to the beautiful Rumor. Enjoy your time as the queen!

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Here’s some chill news: Dogs’ favorite music genre is reggae

Image: mashable composite. shutterstock. 

Dogs are extremely cool and chill, as you can tell from looking at them. And now, we have further scientific evidence that backs it up they really dig reggae.

According to a recent study from Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow, dogs’ favorite music genres are reggae and soft rock, according to The BBC.

Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

Scientists tracked dogs’ behavior changes when presented with pop, Motown, soft rock, reggae and classical music.

But just because most dogs jam to Bob Marley doesn’t mean that your pup is not a sensitive soul that prefers Fiona Apple.

“Overall, the response to different genres was mixed highlighting the possibility that, like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences,” said Professor Neil Evans in a statement.

Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

Evans also notes that the dogs were more likely to lying down while any music, regardless of genre was playing.

Scientists, please find a way to relay the concept of dancing to dogs. This is urgent.

Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

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Stray dogs have the right to live, India’s apex court tells petitioner

Image: AP

India’s apex court has weighed in resoundingly on a petitioner who wanted all stray dogs killed. It has observed that “nobody can destroy stray dogs in entirety. They also have a right to live,” the Press Trust of India reported.

However, a methodical culling is possible, it has said.

The apex court has been hearing a series of petitions filed by NGOs and civic bodies across the country on stray dogs that have become a menace, especially in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The bench informed that a panel headed by a former Kerala High Court judge had received around 400 matters related to dog bites and it was working on it. Some deaths have also been reported.

In September last year the Supreme Court had called for compassion towards street dogs. But it had also warned, “These animals cannot be allowed to become a menace to the society. A balance needs to be created for dealing with such situation.

In Kerala, one of the petitioners is reportedly building dog shelters in his area and has been asked by the apex court to submit a concrete proposal.

Most Indians seem unhappy with the “poor judgement” though. They lashed out at the Supreme Court for not valuing human lives.


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Some very good dogs (and their bellies) raise money for animal welfare

Image: Jason kenzie, tania ryan

There is no greater joy on this earth than the joy of a fuzzy dog belly and er, the thrill of charitable giving.

Luckily, photographer Jason Kenzie and designer Tania Ryan’s The Underdogs Project puts together a creative photography series to satisfy this largely untapped market.

The photo series features dogs from whatever the opposite of a birds-eye view ismeerkat-view, perhaps? A play on the theme of “underdogs” that gave their series its name.

Originally conceived to raise awareness about animal welfare, Kenzie and Ryan have set out to raise funds as well by teaming up with Thank Dog I Am Out, a Vancouver-based rescue society.

Image: Jason kenzie, tania ryan

Image: jason kenzie, TANIA RYAN

Image: jason kenzie, TANIA RYAN

Image: jason kenzie, TANIA RYAN

The photos have been compiled into several calendars with 35 percent of all profits going directly to Thank Dog I Am Out, which saves and re-homes hundreds of dogs from high-kill shelters.

For some bonus close-ups of dog fur belonging to what I can only assume are very good dogs, check out their project promo below:

It’s feels so good when the underdog finally wins.

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